83 year old Librarian Tells You that You Don’t Own Your Phone (DMCA is back, back again. Tell a friend….get fined $250,000)

Phone unlocking ban could could hit you in the wallet | PCWorld http://www.pcworld.com/article/2026236/phone-unlocking-ban-could-could-hit-you-in-the-wallet.html

The ban means that you won’t be able to (lawfully) decouple your phone from one carrier and move to another carrier that uses the same cellular technology (GSM, CDMA, etc.) unless your carrier agrees to send you an unlock code. Imagine buying a car equipped with software that prevents you from taking certain roads—and being legally barred from disabling the software! The wireless carriers will unlock phones under certain circumstances, but they don’t like to. For instance AT&T will unlock your iPhone if you can prove you are a current or former AT&T subscriber, that your iPhone was “designed for use on the AT&T network,” and that you are in complete compliance with “all contract obligations, including any term commitment.”

The DMCA was a law signed by Clinton and written by Hollywood that makes ALL our media WAAAAAY more expensive (and profitable).

What Happens When Fear and Paranoia Drive Your Political Ideology

Republican fear factor – Salon.com http://www.salon.com/2012/05/03/republican_fear_factor_salpart/

The White House has been usurped by a Kenyan socialist named Barry Soetero,who hatched an elaborate plot to pass himself off as a citizen of the United States –a plot the media refuse to even investigate. This president doesn’t just claim the right to assassinate suspected terrorists who are beyond the reach of law enforcement –he may be planning on rounding up his ideological opponents and putting them into concentration camps if he is reelected. He may have murdered a blogger who was critical of his administration, but authorities refuse to investigate. At the very least, he is plotting on disarming the American public after the election, in accordance with a secret deal cut with the UN and possibly with the assistance of foreign troops.

There is more and more science being done on brain chemistry and political stances. Read the article I just linked for sources. As it’s science they won’t like, conservatives will feel a strong urge to dismiss it out of hand or claim those doing the science or mentioning it are part of the conspiracy…which means it can be dismissed out of hand. See how hard it is to return to reality from that mindset? So do we, conservatives….so do we.