Looks like Taking the Economy Hostage (over and over again) is the Republican’s Plan

Washington Post http://m.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/01/23/what-happened-when-i-asked-paul-ryan-why-he-hates-taxes/

Asked where Republicans will get the leverage to force a spending-cuts only plan after losing an election, Ryan ticked off the coming moments when House Republicans could, by refusing to pass legislation, hurt the economy. “We have a sequester kicking in on March the 1st. We have a continuing resolution expiring on March the 27th. We have budgets that, if the Senate decides to do its job this year, will come out in April, so we can have a debate about how to fix the problem, not if to fix the problem, and you have a debt limit coming right after that.”

You’d think this kind of B.S. would make the Republicans in Congress very unpopular….and it has. Their thinking (really, read the article to the end) is that their approval rating can’t get much lower…but why not try?