Rush Limbaugh Says Stupid Things, Free Market Responds

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Won’t Be Impeached Because He’s Black | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers.

You can read the link if you are really curious about how he’s race-baiting today.  I’m more interested in this story, which makes it clear where the last bastion of support for this lump o’ crap comes from.

After the news that 48 of Cumulus Media’s top 50 advertisers have requested that their ads no longer appear on Limbaugh’s show, the other shoe dropped. Media Matters reported that, “Rush Limbaugh’s syndicator, Premiere Radio Networks, is the single largest independent contractor to the Heritage Foundation according to their latest 990 filing with the IRS, receiving $2,236,555 from the think tank. With advertisers fleeing his show, and as a result radio companies suffering major losses, the fiscal sponsorship of the conservative movement is now fiscally critical…Without wingnut welfare, which has also included sponsorships from FreedomWorks, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity’s shows would not be financially viable.”

Of course, we all know that the second he’s gone, a number of derpers will jump up to take his place at the head of the table.

Which, I think they’ll find, is not nearly as populated as it was back when Rush was a hungry young nut.