Its Hard to Break a Promise More Thoroughly than This

Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday signed into law a measure directing state officials to regulate abortion clinics based on the same standards as those for outpatient surgical centers, a change that critics say will force most to close.

Critics say the move represents a shift by the first-year Republican executive, who pledged as a candidate last fall that he wouldn’t approve any new abortion restrictions if elected.

Republicans… that’s the joke.  And it’s on you.

Why There’s a Zero Percent Chance the GOP Will Update the Voting Rights Act

Attempting to fix the law would require Republicans to give public scrutiny to racial disparity in the party’s geographic base. And it would require backtracking on years of political rhetoric warning of federal government overreach and downplaying racial inequality. On top of that, conservative legal scholarsbelieve the concept of preclearance is unconstitutional.

via No, Congress Won’t Fix The Voting Rights Act. Here’s Why. | TPMDC.

There’s no way they are going to use a fine tooth comb to demonstrate that ALL the still racially biased districts and voting changes come from the same party…their own.

It’s a non-starter.   About the closest thing they might try and do and insert some sort of Voter ID law into the Voting Rights Act  (and that, BTW, is a policy designed to lower turnout among minorities).

Yes, that’s how far gone the GOP is in the 21st century.