Rafael “Ted” Cruz, High School Republican, Cribs Palin’s Rant about Iran

via A Dangerous, Wrongheaded Deal with Iran – By Ted Cruz | Foreign Policy.

Here’s a snarky general response to some of the idiocy put forth by Raffy.

>”Likewise, the mullahs in Tehran can now laugh all the way to the bank while they spend the time and money they have gained in Geneva pursuing nuclear capability. “

LOL…is this Palin-level understanding of other countries…or is Rafael just playing dumb for the rubes…inquiring minds want to know.

>”We should have demanded preconditions from the Iranians before any direct meetings took place”

LOL. Does that usually work for you? Where the other team forfeits before you start? How’d that work out for you in the government shutdown?*

>”We can start by reclaiming the moral high ground and demand the Iranian regime immediately and unconditionally release the three Americans they are unjustly detaining, Saeed Abedini, Amir Hekmati, and Robert Levinson. “

LOL….interesting concept of “claiming the moral high ground”….I notice you continue to block funding for closing Gitmo….

>”In addition, Iran should affirm Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.”

LOL…yea…uh…when did you get elected to the Knesset and why is this another “pre-condition”….you just don’t really want to have actual talks, huh?

My lord….this is like…barely…college republican level. This reads like something Palin would write…seriously. Yikes.

*trick question…it was great for Rafael personally…bad for everyone else in the country.

It’s So Easy Appealing to Idiots

Sen. Ted Cruz, the freshman from Texas whose popularity among Tea Party types has skyrocketed since he brought on a government shutdown over Obama’s health care law, has also sought to stake his claim on foreign policy, delivering an address at the conservative Heritage Foundation in September.

“In my view, President Obama is both too hawkish and too dovish at the same time,” said Cruz, toeing the line between the isolationists and interventionists. “He’s too hawkish, too willing to use U.S. military might in defense of international norms in Syria in a way that is not directed at protecting our nation… And yet, simultaneously, he is too dovish when it comes to standing up and defending our national security interests.”

via Republican Hopefuls Stake Out Their Foreign Policy Positions.

All you have to do is find out what they hate and say you believe the opposite of that….no matter what it is.