More People With Money to Spend Is Good for Economy (No Shit Sherlock department)

The two charts below help illustrate the relationship between inequality and GDP growth (on the left), and redistribution and GDP growth (on the right). The authors note a “strong negative relationship” between inequality and growth – as inequality increases, growth numbers decline. Turning to the redistribution chart, the nearly-flat line indicates a weak (and if anything, positive) relationship between redistributive policies and GDP.

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Anyone who runs a business would prefer to have 10,000 customers with $100,000 each than 1 with a $1,000,000,000.

What these studies do is formalize that notion, and illustrate the degree to which it helps growth to avoid the latter situation.

Paul Ryan’s Internalized Ideology

But if Ryan genuinely stumbled heedless into a racial tinderbox then it suggests he, and most likely many other conservatives, has fully internalized a framing of social politics that was deliberately crafted to appeal to white racists without regressing to the uncouth language of explicit racism, and written its origins out of the history. If that’s the case it augurs poorly for those in the movement who are trying to broaden the Republican Party’s appeal, because it’s easier to convince people to abandon a poor tactic than to unlearn rotten ideology.

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This is the part about this story I find interesting.  It has become such an article of faith among certain folks that this “it’s the poors fault for being inherently inferior” argument holds some sort of merit that they don’t realize where it came from in history.

Hobby Lobby Statements About Birth Control

Birth Control Makes You Less of a Person

“Thus, it has come to pass that the widespread use of contraceptives has indeed harmed women physically, emotionally, morally, and spiritually—and has, in many respects, reduced her to the mere instrument for the satisfaction of [man’s] own desires.” —The American Freedom Law Center

Sex Is as Unessential as Bowling or Stamp Collecting

“Second, contraceptives may be considered no true necessity under certain circumstances, since sexual relations are basically a voluntary activity. If sexual relations were a true human need like breathing or food, then Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, and many of the popes, would have all dropped dead within a few weeks (or days) of becoming celibate. But they didn’t, since sex is only a human want (like bowling or stamp collecting), not an actual need.” —David Boyle, a California attorney who submitted a brief on his own behalf

via Hobby Lobby Statements About Birth Control in Briefs to the Supreme

And now you know why the religious busybodies want to take control over others.

Why do we, Pirate?

Kickstarted Veronica Mars Promised Digital Download; Pirate Bay Delivers – Slashdot.

“Backers were promised ‘You will receive a digital version of the movie within a few days of the movie’s theatrical debut.’ Warner Bros are providing a non-downloadable ultra-violet coupon (although Veronica Mars is available for download through other stores). The download is already available on the Pirate Bay. The download is even available on commercial stores. The users have already passed over their $35+. But rather than meet the demand for a DRM-free download, Warner Bros would prefer to return the original pledge to backers who complain.

Mutual respect.  Give none, get none.  Give some, get some.  You will never get all of it without giving any of it.  That’s just not possible, corporations.