Intolerance of Bigotry in the name of Tolerance is not Hypocrisy, it is Progress

Perhaps seeking to blunt that criticism, Rubio acknowledged the United States has a history of discrimination against gays and lesbians. He added that his opponents pose what he called legitimate policy questions and urged a respectful discussion going forward: “Tolerance is also a two-way street.”

But he said he could not support such marriages despite a quick-moving shift in public opinion on allowing same-sex couples to marry.

“There is a growing intolerance on this issue,” Rubio said of those who back same-sex marriages. “This intolerance in the name of tolerance is hypocrisy.”

via Rubio: Same-sex marriage foes face ‘intolerance’ – Yahoo News.

Headline = point.

Also, it should be noted…no one is trying to deny the rights of folks like Rubio to marry, if one somehow feels inclined to cast him as the victim of the “folks who aren’t me”-marriage debate.

Russia Keeps the Crap, Ignores the Good

Funny news story combo today….

Moscow (AFP) – Fugitive US intelligence operative Edward Snowden has been granted a three-year residence permit in Russia, his lawyer said on Thursday, in the latest blow to Moscow’s deeply strained relations with Washington.
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MOSCOW — Russia announced on Thursday that it was banning the import of a wide range of food and agricultural products from Europe and the United States, among others, responding to Western-imposed sanctions and raising the level of confrontation between the West and Moscow over the future of Ukraine.

Dmitri A. Medvedev, the prime minister, announced that Russia would ban all beef, pork, fruit, vegetables and dairy products from the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia and Norway for one year.
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European Spacecraft Pulls Alongside Comet

After 10 years and a journey of four billion miles, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft arrived at its destination on Wednesday for the first extended, close examination of a comet.

A six-minute thruster firing at 5 a.m. Eastern time, the last in a series of 10 over the past few months, slowed Rosetta to the pace of a person walking, about two miles per hour relative to the speed of its target, Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

“It is like driving a car or a bus on a motorway for 10 years,” said Andrea Accomazzo, the flight director, at a post-rendezvous news conference. “Now we’ve entered downtown. We’re downtown and we have to start orienting ourselves. We don’t know the town yet, so we have to discover it first.”

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More panspermia evidence, coming up soon.

What they are not likely to find?  Evidence that the Bible is correct.


What’s More Likely to Be Bullshit

I’m glad this is a thing…

BTW, I noticed a great one the other day….

You know how kooky some people are who think the U.S. faked the moon landing? It would take nearly 1,000 people, scientists, politicians, lawyers, astronauts, etc, all in on it, faking the data, and telling the same “lie” for generations.

But the thing is…in order to think that global warming in a lie, one has to extend that number to 10,000 and instead of just the U.S., it has to become a massive *global conspiracy*.

So the idea that global warming is a conspiracy is, roughly, about 1,000 times * less likely than a faked moon landing…

…and yet is still quite popular.


* the difficulty of successfully conspiring in inversely and logarithmicly related to the number of people it takes to pull it off.