GOP Senate Caves on DHS Funding, House to Follow….probably

If watching Republicans cave and thrash while whining about having to govern is your thing, then today is your day.

Like every, single, other piece of major legislation that has passed since Ted Kennedy died, it has come after the GOP has taken a stupid strategy up to the wall, and then caved, wasting precious time and destroying any notion of good governance…which they then blame on Obama and try again the next time with the same non-strategy strategy.

And then they fail again…which is what we are seeing again today.

The Senate sent the funding legislation to the House, which has just hours to avert a partial shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security.

Minnesota Recovers from Republican Rule as Wisconsin Flounders Under It

If we were a rational, data-driven country with a good media system, there would be no red-blue divide.

The states have been “experimenting” with some pretty different policies, and now we see some of the results of those policies.

For folks who actually follow the data and compare it to the rhetoric, there is little question about which policies actually work.

The next time your right-wing family member or former high school classmate posts a status update or tweet about how taxing the rich or increasing workers’…

Our rating

Mary Burke contends that “Wisconsin’s dead last in Midwest job growth.”

In the new version of this claim, she uses the most accurate jobs data for the longest Walker-era period that can be analyzed with it. And Wisconsin does bring up the rear. But due to the lag time, it does not reflect the most current trends.

We rate the claim True.

Bill O’Reilly Busted for Lying About War Coverage

Good to see something finally drop one of the habitual liars….maybe. Fox *really* cared when they caught *someone else* in a falsehood. Much like how they treat the GOP, it’s doubtful they’ll care when one of their own is lying his face off.

No, they don’t think it’s wrong to be hypocrites *for them*. For others, it’s a fatal flaw. <— Kinda the nature of this type of beast.

The Bill O’Reilly controversy is growing – six former CBS colleagues all refuted his story, and another called him a liar on the air. It’s a long clip but is definitely must watch:

Vote, or the Old People Win

I like this a good bit….although I think it’s supposed to be “doing one-hitters”.

Also, it should be noted….we generally assume in our society that our elderly citizens are, on average, the demographic with the greatest amount of shared wisdom.

They are also, and I don’ think this is a coincidence, CONSISTENTLY the voting block that gets to the polls the most as a ratio.

For those who follow demographics in the US, take heed that until 2030, roughly 10,000 people a day will reach the age of 65. The grayening has begun in earnest, and the political fallout and realities that come from it *will affect you*, whether you want them to or not, and whether you vote, or not.



Who is Edward Snowden (an “Imitation Game” analogy)?

You may hate the NSA, but I’ll bet you like that terror attacks on U.S. soil are very rare things.

This may surprise you, or not, but there are actually quite a few people in the world who would like to change that.

In real world, the protections of the Constitution do apply only to Americans, and if you use our infrastructure and technology and inventions to plan attacks against the citizens of this country, well, it would be silly for us not to know about it.

Have you seen “The Imitation Game”?

Edward Snowden would be like a low-level clerk at Bletchley Park who saw the de-cryption device, realized they were listening to RADIO signals…just like the English used…and while all everyone at the NSA cared about was German codes, the device also gave the ability to listen to local radio signals…and oh my god he had to tell the papers…which also alerted the Germans that all their codes were hacked.

That’s who Snowden is.

That’s why he’s a traitor (and currently taking refuge in a country we are all but at war with).

Lenovo Busted for Pre-Installing Adware

Lenovo busted for shipping new computers with pre-installed adware.

This software would replace ads served by other companies with ones tied directly to “Superfish”.

This kind of insidious stuff is VERY BAD, and more people need to know that it was happening. There should be a class-action lawsuit as well, but given that click-through-and-give-up-your-right-to-sue has already been given SCOTUS approval, I’d doubt any one person has enough standing or damage to bring suit.

It looks like Lenovo has been installing adware onto new consumer computers from the company that activates when taken out of the box for the first time. The adware, named Superfish,…

Moore Couldn’t Be More Wrong on Obamacare

Long article, but a good one.

It’s sad that even top tier “conservative economists” have to lie and obfuscate to fill pages. What’s tough is that pulling apart the b.s. leaves folks often in the “well, you can prove anything” horseshit lazy-thinking lane.

People like to claim they are “data driven” but then when they ignore vast swaths of data, it makes it really hard to take with a straight face.

Our media system does little to help alleviate this issue, as they are paid on who and how many people watch, not on what those watchers learn or how accurate that knowledge may be.

It’s the Heritage Foundation. We are dealing with morons here.

FBI Takes Note of Its Own Racist Past (and how that has flowed to law enforcement around the country)

This is a pretty big deal.

To understand some of the *serious issues* with reaching racial equality in the U.S. re: law enforcement one need look no further than the tenure of one J. Edgar Hoover.

> Appointed director of the Bureau of Investigation—predecessor to the FBI—in 1924, he was instrumental in founding the FBI in 1935, where he remained director until his death in 1972 at age 77.

And Hoover’s history there is one of *rampant* racial prejudice…and he was untouchable even by Presidents, having served nearly 10 times as long as they did.

It takes generations to change a culture like this, so much so that it takes a couple generations to even begin to have honest conversations after out-and-out prejudice is outlawed.

The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, said that officers develop a mental shortcut because of the number of black suspects they arrest, and need to interact more with…

Seantor Inhofe is a *Dangerous* Idiot

This is rather insane. Remember that idiotic Senator from Oklahoma who doesn’t think Global Warming exists because God flooded the Earth and therefore won’t destroy us again?

Yea…well…now he wants to go to war with Russia because of some seven-year old pictures of Russian tanks.

And just to be clear….GOP…committee chair…

This afternoon, the Washington Free Beacon published EXCLUSIVE photos, obtained by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), that purportedly showed new Russian aggression in…