FBI Takes Note of Its Own Racist Past (and how that has flowed to law enforcement around the country)

This is a pretty big deal.

To understand some of the *serious issues* with reaching racial equality in the U.S. re: law enforcement one need look no further than the tenure of one J. Edgar Hoover.

> Appointed director of the Bureau of Investigation—predecessor to the FBI—in 1924, he was instrumental in founding the FBI in 1935, where he remained director until his death in 1972 at age 77.

And Hoover’s history there is one of *rampant* racial prejudice…and he was untouchable even by Presidents, having served nearly 10 times as long as they did.

It takes generations to change a culture like this, so much so that it takes a couple generations to even begin to have honest conversations after out-and-out prejudice is outlawed.

The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, said that officers develop a mental shortcut because of the number of black suspects they arrest, and need to interact more with…

Seantor Inhofe is a *Dangerous* Idiot

This is rather insane. Remember that idiotic Senator from Oklahoma who doesn’t think Global Warming exists because God flooded the Earth and therefore won’t destroy us again?

Yea…well…now he wants to go to war with Russia because of some seven-year old pictures of Russian tanks.

And just to be clear….GOP…committee chair…

This afternoon, the Washington Free Beacon published EXCLUSIVE photos, obtained by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), that purportedly showed new Russian aggression in…