Bill Maher Shows True Colors

Unsurprising, really, as Maher also defended Bibi’s slaughter of civilians last summer (oh, and he does so again in this clip, claiming those civilians were actually attacking Israel at the time they were bombed taking shelter in schools).

“If America was a country that was surrounded by 12 or 13 completely black nations who had militarily attacked us many times, including as recently as last year…Would…


This is ugly.

Completely and utterly racist.

Which, I guess is fine….

Wait, no it’s not. It’s horrid. Then, later, Maher pats Israel on the back for being such a great democracy where the Prime Minister makes racist comments about minorities voting…


Maher’s not right, he’s racist.

And claiming that Israel killing 1,000 civilians was some kind of self-defense? What the hell. People taking shelter in school are not attacking Israel.

Big Crunch Back in the Cards of the Universe

Yea!!! now we have data for both sides of the argument and the horrid science headline writing can commence. I’ll keep an eye out and see if I find good stuff on the explanation for this (note: the last set of equations explained a different fate than “heat death” for the universe).

Personally, I’m of the constantly recycling itself version of reality, with the sidenote that it’s not actually as big as we (currently) think it is (note: there’s a full chapter on this in my book, which I’m working on again. These discussions are difficult to have in short bursts as the very notions of “size” and “time” when talking about “everything” deserves their own treatment). This second point had some good evidence show up recently as more evidence is showing that some of the many billions and billions of stars in the sky are actually the same stars, just at very different points in time (lights tend to “weave” a bit when travelling for billions of light years).

Cool stuff.

One theory for dark energy suggests the universe may not expand forever, but instead collapse in a “big crunch,” after which time ceases to exist. Now, according to a new…

Update…after watching the video attached, a better explanation is below.

Note: my initial impression of the thrust of the research was a bit off. This video covers it much better than the article.

The interesting part is near the end, where he says the ways they’ve modified relativity theory and the result sets limits on the size of fundamental particles *and is mathematically related to* the size and “length (time)” of the universe.

With their equation, if you have an infinitely large and long universe (i.e. open) then it forces the fundamental particles to be infinitely small.

This doesn’t make sense, as we know them to have some energy value.

The cool part (and he gets excited in the video) is that, when expressed over time, the equation “predicts” a universe that behaves much like ours has, up tot a point (which we are close to) where the curve breaks the other way.

From the way he described the elegance of the equations (well, generating the “corrections”), and the “natural logic” the factors they are using, it seems much more interesting.

One of the things I’ve always been interested in, at least in astrophysics is a concept I call “Big E”, i.e. the total energy in the Universe. What it sounds like is that they are trying to define boundaries (based on observations and mathematical speculation) on what that might be, and still have things work out.

Tom Cotton (R-Of course) Lying About Iran Letter

Why can’t our news media call out a big lie? Check this out…

The Cotton letter elevated an already tense atmosphere in the Capitol as the Iranian negotiations entered their final weeks.

Though Cotton has insisted that Democratic senators were approached about the letter, neither Bob Casey of Pennsylvania nor hawks like Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said they had been approached. POLITICO was unable to locate a Democrat who was aware of the letter before it became public.

“I’d like to know what Democrat he approached,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.).

Read more:…/republicans-surprised-by-iran-let…

So this Tea Derping idiot is claiming something that is fairly easy to suss out. If you can’t find anyone he talked to, you start asking why he’s trying to make this a partisan issue, and you don’t let him lie his way out of it.

The fact that these liars can take millions from billionaires and the naive folks of this country continue to ignore this horseshit all comes from the same place is probably the most frustrating aspect of this stuff.

Follow-up: Turns out Cotton had a meeting the next day with the representatives of the Military Industrial Complex

Some Republican senators admitted Wednesday they were caught off guard by the backlash to a letter warning Iranian leaders against a nuclear agreement with President Barack Obama. And Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Republicans —…

Senate GOP goes with open Sedition, warns Iran against working with Obama

The ABSOLUTE BEST PART of this is the last signature.…/150309%20Cotton%20Open%20Let…

Get a brain, morans!…has never been a more appropriate saying.

BTW…I’m not sure *exactly* how this isn’t treason, per se. It does appear to be trying to give comfort to our enemies, as it were. Assuring them, that Obama will leave office is Constitutionally required.

Not sure if they get that the Constitution *also* has the President as the one *NEGOTIATING TREATIES* and not the Senate.

As these idiots note, it is the Senate’s job to confirm them…not negotiate them. Step off idiots, your allegiance to and subsequent subservience to Netanyahu has been noted.