Cyberpunk 2077 : Pre-Interlude Ongoing Review

Can I post spoilers from a free form game, or would that be too much…because this game is good. Real good.

The 1.04 patch helped a bit with frame rates, so things are smooth and nice. Battles are fun. Hacking everything I can…and now we meet Keanu…well, we are Keanu. Picking up at the Interlude tomorrow.

Not a spoiler, that was in the advertisements.

The thing about games is, the thing they try to do is, their purpose is — they create new worlds. You do, as the player. You experience a new world. This game, this “Cyberpunk 2077” is pushing that to another level. I know, I know…hype…hype…hype…hype. This one’s for real. The hype wasn’t enough.

Creating worlds and characters and emotional responses to those worlds is a *craft*. Coding is a skill, and an art. Bringing them together, it brings together new worlds, worlds beyond number, and experiences not possible to directly achieve in our physical bodies.

Drinking one to Jackie tonight, even though he never *really* existed.

There’s a new yardstick for what an “RPG” game can be. Cut or uncut, your choices matter.