Zoom Out

The Universe is large. Like, impossibly large. And getter bigger. You are much smaller. And while you may increase (or decrease) your mass by a “large” degree during your time in existence, it’s hard to compare that to the size of.a planet.

Much less a star.

Much less galaxy. Quite ridiculous, actually.

As Douglas Adams once noted, space is big. Like, really, really, big.

What are *your problems* in the context of that? In the context of a million years? A billion?

How about where time itself ceases to exist on the edges of the Universe? What do your bills matter to that?

How does your complaint compare to a supernova? A millennia? Space is vast and long, our lives short and sweet.

There is both a difference and sameness to be appreciated.

Zoom In

It’s a curious thing, no one can prove to you that you’re dead.

That the universe, and everything in it, isn’t a construct of your own intellect. Your own brain, the creator of all of this. The center of it.

It’s *really* hard to prove otherwise, as the provee tends not to be around to see the prover’s victory dance.

But the simple face remains, without one’s own perception of the Universe, it’s really hard to argue that one would still think it exists.

Even in the strictly empirical sense, it’s incredibly hard to argue that’s anyone’s perception of anything proceeds beyond death.

Perhaps, as so many pass without our knowledge, their’s was indeed the true reality.