The Greatest Movie Speech EVAR!!!

This is some good editing.

If you need to get fired up, this is two-minutes and fifteen seconds of hella awesome.

found over yonder.

Regarding the tags… there were three I didn’t know, two right after Sean Connery does his thing, and the one right after Hoosiers…I think I got the rest (with slight googling on a couple titles).

UPDATE: Finally got the St. Cripin’s day speech movie.  I can’t believe I missed frickin’ Shakespeare’s version of the pep-talk.

Still not sure about the woman hitler(!?) one and the one right after that.

I did love seeing “The Dark Knight” as a “Newsie” though.  Good stuff, great flick.

Fire Brad Johnson

I’m watching football (it’s Sunday, it’s Fall…this is natural) and I’m watching my Cowboys, and I’m watching Roy Williams (whom I like as much as the other Roy Williams for much the same reasons…their first names their bad-assedness) make a one-handed catch for 30 yards down the field to ignite offense.

Then I watch Brad Johnson throw a HORRID 5-yard slant that gets picked off by the Giants and it’s 70 yards the other direction.

Fire him. Fire him now.

And now the commercial break is over and I feel better having registered my frustration on the Internet within moments.

UPDATE: Leeeroy Jenkins!!!! For the pick and the touchdown.

Oh, wait. His first name is Mike. That’s all right, I’m sticking with calling him LeeRoy. LeeRoy Jenkins.

14-7 Giants.

UPDATE2: Interception 2. Fire him. Now. You had a good career. That probably should have ended 2 years ago.

UPDATE3: I got bored with the game. Watched this mash-up and felt better.

21-7.  Giants.

UPDATE4: Mike “LeeRoy” Jenkins just gave up a touchdown by, uh, *not* attacking. Mike, I know you’re a rookie, but when a running back is running straight toward you, TACKLE HIM!

35-14. Giants.  Final.

Ugh.  Tony, come on back now.  Ya hear?