So How Much in Wine Does Paul Ryan Drink While Dicussing Killing Medicare with Millionaires?

That would be…roughly…$100.

If you figure the bottles cost $350, you get four glasses per bottle, Paul Ryan downed at least one.

The one major aspect of the story in dispute was the topic of conversation at Ryan’s dinner table.

Feinberg said all three men were “droning on loudly during the evening that liberals think that if you’re a millionaire, you have done something wrong.”

The really sick part?   Paul Ryan then turned around and called the economists he ate with, the millionaires recall, stupid….

TPM: …she was saying, is it appropriate for you guys to be ordering that kind of wine $350 dollars-a-bottle?

Ryan: “A.) I didn’t order it. B.) I had no idea what it would cost, and C.) …I bought one of these bottles even though I drank a glass, and I always pull my own weight for my meals.”

TPM: That was very smart. … But do you think it’s appropriate now that you know how much the wine cost to be drinking [such expensive wine] when you’re advocating cuts for seniors?

Ryan: “I think it’s stupid to pick up that much for a bottle of wine under any circumstance.”

TPM: But you had to pay for it…

Ryan: “Yeah, I was like this is ridiculous. Who buys wine that expensive?*** It surprised me, and I think it’s stupid under any circumstance to pay anything close to 100 dollars for a bottle of wine.

TPM: So you wouldn’t do it again?

Ryan: “Well, of course not, because I think it’s too much money to pay for wine. Yeah, I don’t really know what exactly it cost. It was expensive. But um, 250 maybe it was 250, I don’t really remember.”

It was $350, you liar.  How do you not remember paying $350 for a bottle of win of which you had one glass?  

My guess it takes the same level of internal intellectual honesty where you can claim that you are killing Medicare to save it.   Which is to say, it’s right at Paul Ryan’s level.

*** Hint: It ain’t people on Medicare or Medicaid.  They don’t have that much money to waste as stupidly as you do.

NOTE: This is also a shining example of why we should never, ever, even think about raising taxes on the wealthy.   Think how much that would impact the tips on orders like this.  Just think about it!