Bill Ayers Speaks Out (and Palin does to)

I sat on this one for a bit, waiting to see what would develop…turns out not much else.

One of the more crazy-stupid storylines of the 2008 election was the “Bill Ayers is a terrorist and so is Obama” attacks.

I was scrounging around the internet, and I found a video of the “unrepentant terrorist” talking about his passion for teaching…

For some reason…despite being available the entire time…this particular statement of purpose never made it into the national conversation.

As you can see from the video and Ayer’s other interviews, the guy is pretty much nothing but an aging hippie, trying to share what he’s learned with others. He does talk in the video about the passion you need for teaching, and the need to understand the moral value of moral work. When you don’t get paid that much in cash, you need to understand how you *are* getting paid, and appreciate that. If you can’t, then by all means go for the cash or you will be miserable. Seems fairly insightful to me.

There’s also a bit in there about being an out of control young person…you might have heard of that chapter of his life.

Ayers did speak directly to the Obama issue after the election…(also directly after)

The onetime anti-war radical who lives in the same Chicago neighborhood as Obama said in a newspaper interview he has had no contact with the Obama campaign and considers the GOP vice presidential nominee’s accusation absurd.

“Pal around together? What does that mean? Share a milkshake with two straws?” Ayers said in an interview with The Washington Post. “I think my relationship with Obama was probably like thousands of others in Chicago. And, like millions and millions of others, I wish I knew him better.”

“I didn’t do anything,” Ayers said in the interview, which was posted Tuesday on the Post’s Web site. “It’s all guilt by association. They made me into a cartoon character, they threw me up on stage just to pummel me.”

He also blamed the media for not making it clear that the accusation was groundless.

“The dishonest narrative is that guilt by association has some validity,” Ayers said, adding that the media’s performance was “kind of shameful.”

And he’s dead on there. Remember how I mentioned how that video above has been available through the entire election cycle and you never saw it on TV? That’s beyond “kind of shameful”.

Those quotes are from the AP article. Here’s the one from the man himself.

Whew! What was all that mess? I’m still in a daze, sorting it all out, decompressing.

Pass the Vitamin C.

This is an acid reference. Like I said…aging hippie.

In years past, I would now and then—often unpredictably—appear in the newspapers or on TV, sometimes with a reference to Fugitive Days, my 2001 memoir of the exhilarating and difficult years of resistance against the American war in Vietnam. It was a time when the world was in flames, revolution was in the air, and the serial assassinations of black leaders disrupted our utopian dreams.

These media episodes of fleeting notoriety always led to some extravagant and fantastic assertions about what I did, what I might have said and what I probably believe now.

It was always a bit surreal. Then came this political season.

He gives a bit of history and then mentions when the poo-flinging got really started…

Obama’s political rivals and enemies thought they saw an opportunity to deepen a dishonest perception that he is somehow un-American, alien, linked to radical ideas, a closet terrorist who sympathizes with extremism—and they pounced.

Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) campaign provided the script, which included guilt by association, demonization of people Obama knew (or might have known), creepy questions about his background and dark hints about hidden secrets yet to be uncovered.

He also gives a good, real-world example of how political attacks evolve and “mature” in the right-wing echo chamber…

On March 13, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), apparently in an attempt to reassure the “base,” sat down for an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News. McCain was not yet aware of the narrative Hannity had been spinning for months, and so Hannity filled him in: Ayers is an unrepentant “terrorist,” he explained, “On 9/11, of all days, he had an article where he bragged about bombing our Pentagon, bombing the Capitol and bombing New York City police headquarters. … He said, ‘I regret not doing more.’ “

McCain couldn’t believe it.

Neither could I.

On the campaign trail, McCain immediately got on message. I became a prop, a cartoon character created to be pummeled.

When Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin got hold of it, the attack went viral. At a now-famous Oct. 4 rally, she said Obama was “pallin’ around with terrorists.” (I pictured us sharing a milkshake with two straws.)

The crowd began chanting, “Kill him!” “Kill him!” It was downhill from there.

To point out there that “I regret not doing more” is all about the Vietnam War…and the 9/11 timing was just that…is an exercise in futility. While it is a completely rational and logical argument, the 9/11 emotional tide removes any chance of coherent discussion. Which was the point, you see.

He then goes on for a bit, I would highly recommoned reading the article. He is a good writer, with an important point.

That important point, that our shameful media missed completely, is this…

McCain and Palin demanded to “know the full extent” of the Obama-Ayers “relationship” so that they can know if Obama, as Palin put it, “is telling the truth to the American people or not.”

This is just plain stupid.

Obama has continually been asked to defend something that ought to be at democracy’s heart: the importance of talking to as many people as possible in this complicated and wildly diverse society, of listening with the possibility of learning something new, and of speaking with the possibility of persuading or influencing others.

The McCain-Palin attacks not only involved guilt by association, they also assumed that one must apply a political litmus test to begin a conversation.

On Oct. 4, Palin described her supporters as those who “see America as the greatest force for good in this world” and as a “beacon of light and hope for others who seek freedom and democracy.” But Obama, she said, “Is not a man who sees America as you see it and how I see America.” In other words, there are “real” Americans — and then there are the rest of us.

In a robust and sophisticated democracy, political leaders—and all of us—ought to seek ways to talk with many people who hold dissenting, or even radical, ideas. Lacking that simple and yet essential capacity to question authority, we might still be burning witches and enslaving our fellow human beings today.

Spoken like a true terrorist, eh?

Someone thinks so….

But the governor, who had accused Obama during the campaign of “palling around with terrorists,” repeated her criticism of his one-time relationship with William Ayers, a founder of a radical political group in the 1960s.

“I still am concerned about that association with Bill Ayers,” Palin told CNN. “And if anybody still wants to talk about it, I will, because this is an unrepentant domestic terrorist who had campaigned to blow up, to destroy our Pentagon and our U.S. Capitol. That’s an association that still bothers me.”

I’ve seen a bunch of Palin protesting too much over the last few days. I thought it was very funny when the other Republican governors all skirted questions about her.   My guess is a fade into something of obscurity, for her sake.  If she *really* wants to stay on the national stage and be respected as an informed, legitimate candidate, I would recommend going back to school for the next four years.

Maybe get an advanced degree.  Study geography, and U.S. history, and sex education.  There’s lot of room of improvement, so she’s got that going for her.

Heck, maybe she could take a class from Ayer’s on the cultural import of the 1960’s.  That’d be a hoot.

Why I Cain’t Vote for Black Hussein Obama

I put together this here video for yer enjoyment. May you enjoy it many times over.

I did this’un last night after a good day for football watchin’, which is to say, drinkin’.

Here’s the non-parody version of that video.

Gateway Pundit says he contacted the LA Times to ask about a video showing Barack Obama at a party for radical Islamist Rashid Khalidi, mentioned by the LA Times in this article: Allies of Palestinians see a friend in Barack Obama.

At Khalidi’s going-away party in 2003, the scholar lavished praise on Obama, telling the mostly Palestinian American crowd that the state senator deserved their help in winning a U.S. Senate seat. “You will not have a better senator under any circumstances,” Khalidi said.

The event was videotaped, and a copy of the tape was obtained by The Times.

LA Times writer Peter Wallsten said he won’t release the video or reveal his sources: Confirmed: MSM Holds Video Of Barack Obama Attending Jew-Bash & Toasting a Former PLO Operative… Refuse to Release the Video!

If true, this is media malfeasance of an almost astounding degree. They have a video that could change the stakes in this election and they’re hiding it. And they’ve been hiding it since last April.

UPDATE: The Glenn Beck Version.

Whether holding a career-launching state Senate campaign event at the home of an unrepentant terrorist should disqualify you from the presidency is up to the people to decide. I tend to see it as a rather low bar to clear if you’re going to run the world, but hey, that’s just me.

Remember, William Ayers is a pasty white guy like me. Shouldn’t the fact that Palin is criticizing a white terrorist show that it’s not his color — but his terrorism — that she’s not fond of? Instead, the AP tries to make the case that voters will think Obama is “not like us” since “terrorists are envisioned as dark-skinned radical Muslims.” Right, because nothing dredges up visions of radical Muslims with box-cutters like a guy named Bill.

Just ridiculous.

That wasn’t enough to convince Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks, who said, “He’s ‘not one of us’? That’s racial. That’s fear. They know they can’t win on the issues, so the last resort they have is race and fear.” He also added, “They are trying to throw out these codes.”

More from that jackass here.

Why Colin Powell Endorsed Barack Obama

His name was Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan. And he was an American.

COLIN POWELL: And I’ve also been disappointed, frankly, by some of the approaches that Senator McCain has taken recently, or his campaign ads, on issues that are not really central to the problems that the American people are worried about. This Bill Ayers situation that’s been going on for weeks became something of a central point of the campaign.  But Mr. McCain says that he’s a washed-out terrorist.  Well, then, why do we keep talking about him?  And why do we have these robocalls going on around the country trying to suggest that, because of this very, very limited relationship that Senator Obama has had with Mr. Ayers, somehow, Mr. Obama is tainted.  What they’re trying to connect him to is some kind of terrorist feelings.  And I think that’s inappropriate.

Now, I understand what politics is all about.  I know how you can go after one another, and that’s good.  But I think this goes too far.  And I think it has made the McCain campaign look a little narrow.  It’s not what the American people are looking for.  And I look at these kinds of approaches to the campaign and they trouble me.  And the party has moved even further to the right, and Governor Palin has indicated a further rightward shift.  I would have difficulty with two more conservative appointments to the Supreme Court, but that’s what we’d be looking at in a McCain administration.  I’m also troubled by, not what Senator McCain says, but what members of the party say. And it is permitted to be said such things as, “Well, you know that Mr. Obama is a Muslim.” Well, the correct answer is, he is not a Muslim, he’s a Christian.  He’s always been a Christian.  But the really right answer is, what if he is? 

Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer is no. That’s not America. Is there something wrong with a seven-year-old Muslim-American kid believing he or she could be president? Yet I have heard senior members of my own party drop the suggestion that he is a Muslim and might have an association with terrorists. This is not the way we should be doing it in America.

I feel particularly strong about this because of a picture I saw in a magazine. It was a photo essay about troops who were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. And one picture at the tail end of this photo essay, was of a mother at Arlington Cemetery and she had her head on the headstone of her son’s grave. And as the picture focused in, you could see the writing on the headstone, and it gave his awards – Purple Heart, Bronze Star – showed that he died in Iraq, gave his date of birth, date of death, he was 20 years old. And then at the very top of the head stone, it didn’t have a Christian cross. It didn’t have a Star of David. It has a crescent and star of the Islamic faith.

And his name was Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan. And he was an American. He was born in New Jersey. He was fourteen years old at the time of 9/11, and he waited until he could serve his country and he gave his life.”

I have to say, Powell did a fine job expressing himself.  The inevitable cries of “Only Because He’s Black” came from the rushists of the world on que.   People making that accusation missed the part of the story where Powell gave money to McCain back in his pre-racist, rational days on late 2007, when he was an American hero.  Now he’s just another racist shill, according the right wing media elite.  

And McCain’s Response….”I don’t care about Ayers, let’s talk about Ayers!”, “The attacks on me in 2000 by the same people I hired in 2008 are totally different that what I defend now.”  “I’m a victim of racism.”

I think the most hypocritical statement of McCain’s (of many) is how personally insulted he is being associated with people that would bomb innocent people.  He’s probably worried since racists bombed and killed an infinite number more people in the incident mentioned [4] than the Weather Underground ever did in their reign of terror [0].

Many people, McCain/Palin foremost amoung them, seem to forget that the Weather Underground was a bunch of pansy liberals who warned people before they blew stuff up and schemed endlessly to avoid civilian casualties.    Actually, considering how “effective” McCain’s terrorist attacks have been on Obama, my guess is that most people realize this (or how long ago it was and how remote the “connection” is), and consider it a non-issue.

Like Powell did.

McCain and Palin Putting Together a Lynch Mob

MisterTweak 2008-10-06 06:06:21 PM

McLost: “what is Barack Obama?”

(Angry barrage of insults)

McLost: “My friends, you ask these questions, and you get an angry barrage of insults.”

via (3924197) John McCain goes half-retard and his audience goes full-retard, calling Barack Obama a terrorist.

And here’s what Palin has been pushing.

“For me, the heels are on, the gloves are off,” she announced at high noon Monday to a group of Republican donors at the Naples Beach Club.

Barack Obama, she told 8,000 fans at a rally here Monday afternoon, “launched his political career in the living room of a domestic terrorist!” This followed her earlier accusation that the Democrat pals around with terrorists. “This is not a man who sees America the way you and I see America,” she told the Clearwater crowd. “I’m afraid this is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to work with a former domestic terrorist who had targeted his own country.” The crowd replied with boos.

McCain had said that racially explosive attacks related to Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, are off-limits. But Palin told New York Times columnist Bill Kristol in an interview published Monday: “I don’t know why that association isn’t discussed more.”

The reception had been better in Clearwater, where Palin, speaking to a sea of “Palin Power” and “Sarahcuda” T-shirts, tried to link Obama to the 1960s Weather Underground. “One of his earliest supporters is a man named Bill Ayers,” she said. (“Boooo!” said the crowd.) “And, according to the New York Times, he was a domestic terrorist and part of a group that, quote, ‘launched a campaign of bombings that would target the Pentagon and our U.S. Capitol,’ ” she continued. (“Boooo!” the crowd repeated.)

Kill him!” proposed one man in the audience.

Palin also told those gathered that Obama doesn’t like American soldiers. “He said that our troops in Afghanistan are just, quote, ‘air-raiding villages and killing civilians,’ ” she said, drawing boos from a crowd that had not been told Obama was actually appealing for more troops in Afghanistan.

[full story]

I’m telling ya this from deep in the heart of Texas…this is how a lynch mob starts. Just a couple voices in the crowd, agreeing with what the speaker really “means”. You can see how surprised McCain is to hear the man yell, “Terrorist!!”, but maybe he hasn’t been listening to his running mates base attacks. She is calling him a friend to terrorists, which is the same as being a terrorist, which is why the one guy yelled “terrorist”.

And it’s why they other guy yelled “Kill him!!!”

Because they all know you are supposed to kill terrorists….

Even if Bill Ayers never got charged with a crime, never was even accused of hurting anyone, turned himself in, and the FBI guys who “investigated” the Weather Underground got in so much trouble for how they conducted themselves [wait till the bomb goes off, then the plant calls it in] it took Reagan to pardon them in the 80’s for what they did in the 60’s. [note: I was born in the 70’s and didn’t even hear about the Weather Underground until the great documentary came out]

But then again, those are the kinds of facts that a lynch mob just ain’t hearin’, ya hear!

Now get out the way, boy! There’s a doings transpiring.

A Terrorist may get elected President. Only YOU!!! can stop him.

Things are not looking good…for Obama.

UPDATE: This was part of the preamble to Palin’s speech.   This is how you incite a crowd.

Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott took the stage moments ago as one of the introductory speakers at a rally here for Sarah Palin. After delivering brief remarks in support of Palin, Sheriff Scott flipped the switch and used Barack Obama’s middle name in order to incite the crowd of thousands of people who have already gathered here.

“On Nov. 4, let’s leave Barack Hussein Obama wondering what happened,” the law enforcement officer said.

UPDATE: Palin campaign spokesperson Tracey Schmitt issued the following statement on Sherriff Scott’s remarks: “We do not condone this inappropriate rhetoric which distracts from the real questions of judgment, character, and experience that voters will base their decisions on this November.”

Many of the thousands of people in attendance roared their approval at Sheriff Scott’s dig at the Democratic nominee, whose Kenyan father shared the same exact name as his son.

After Sheriff Scott left the podium, local radio host Mandy Connell took the stage next. She too drew a loud ovation when she said Obama “hangs around with terrorists.”

[full story]

There is some serious hypocrisy here emanating from Tracey Schmitt.  Riiiight, his name is out but the terrorist down the street in his neighborhood (who was given a citizenship award by the City of Chicago in 1997) is in.

UPDATE2:  The Sheriff is now under investigation. You aren’t supposed to campaign as a law enforcement officer.  But then again, this guy was elected under Bush (and Gonzales) and partisanship “justice” was a hallmark of their administration.