Obama’s 50 State Project Complete

Obama bumper-stickers for every state project now complete – Boing Boing.

Nice work, folks. Remember to tip your waiter and then vote.

I think “Re-Elect SENATOR McCain” is a pretty good one for Arizona.

Best anecdotal comment on bOING bOING…

(Hopefully Related)
Last night we got a call from an Obama volunteer who asked us who are we planning to vote for in November. We got talking and she said she has spoken with people who like Gov. Palin, but not Sen. McCain.

She said she tells them to write in Gov. Palin’s name on the ballot, and not to vote for Sen. McCain. Clever.

McCain Makes New Pledge to American People

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — John McCain pledged a “respectful campaign” Tuesday against either Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton, but said he is less confident about the influence of outside political groups.

McCain said he hopes so, adding that he respects both Obama and Clinton, and believes they respect him. “Americans want more respectful campaigns,” he added.

McCain pledges ‘respectful campaign’ – USATODAY.com.

Aaah, finally. McCaing is going to go all “Mavrick” on the Rove-style politics his campaign is making their calling card.

Huh? I’m sorry. My editor (i.e. my conscience) is telling me the above article is from April 1st, 2008. Aaaah, April Fool’s day.

Nice one, McCain.


From July 2, 2008.

Political tremors were felt coming out of Arlington, Va. today where Sen. John McCain keeps his campaign headquarters.

McCain, who’s in Latin America, gave increased authority over his campaign’s daily workings to operative Steve Schmidt, a veteran of the Bush 2004 campaign who likely learned a thing or two from Karl Rove back then.

It meant that Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager, would be ceding some of his authority.

UPDATE: From this week…

Posted: 09/08/08 06:49 PM [ET]
Eight years after helping George Bush defeat John McCain in a bitter primary, Karl Rove appears to be playing a significant role in helping the Arizona Republican win the presidency.

Rove has downplayed his contact with the McCain campaign, but the former adviser to President Bush met with GOP delegates from Colorado last Wednesday. Rove, who is now a Fox News analyst, told reporters after the meeting that he has friends in the McCain organization who occasionally seek his advice.

[full story\]

So there you have it. John McCain went from trying to run a respectful, issue-based campaign to Rovian-style bullshit, in only three months.

Umm, “Mavrick”? The pattern is full.

[….hehe…”Top” Gun…lolz]