It’s Official and Undeniable, Sarah Palin is a Flippin’ Idiot

Here’s the video and the transcript is below…  I think this is the original website.

Below is the transcript, with the translations and Canadian/French cultural primers (yes, they were mocking her VERY HARD).

If anyone, and I mean anyone, thinks this woman should be anywhere near a button with the word “nukular” on it, you are FUCKING INSANE.  We’re beyond mere PDS here.  And, unlike the nasty, nasty, bullshit attacks coming from the McCain campaign (OMG!!! Obama is the next Hitler!!!  No shit, they are saying that.  Guess to whom?) this is one where we have real, actual evidence of the general theme that Palin is painfully unqualified to be in, or even near, the oval office.

I hereby  officially accept this gift from God as my birthday president (which was on Halloween).  You all know what I asked for, and I think this is going to assure that I get it (knocks on the wood, and says a quiet “thanks”).

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