This will surely help them stay objective (as will the half-mil Thomas’ wife got to lobby against the law)

Scalia And Thomas Party With Obamacare Challengers On Day Court Takes Up Case – Forbes

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that just hours after the United States Supreme Court huddled to decide whether it would take up the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas were honored at a dinner sponsored by the very law firm that will argue for the challengers in the case.

Among the sponsors of the fundraiser for the Federalist Society, a conservative group long favored by Scalia and Thomas, were Bancroft PLLC, the law firm that will argue that the insurance mandate provisions of the ACA is an overreach of Congress’ powers under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution and, therefore, unconstitutional. Also listed as an event sponsor was law firm Jones Day, the lead counsel in a separate case challenging the law brought by the National Federation of Independent Business.

We already know how these guys are going to rule, I think there’s only one justice that is a question.

NOTE: I covered AFP’s $500,000 payouts to Ginni Thomas in this post.  Funny how Clarence forgot to report that income for a decade.

Derp, Derp House Focuses on What they Campaigned on: Jobortion, Jobortion, Jobortion

We’ll let you know when they get to the first bill adressing the whole “jobs, jobs, jobs” thing they campaigned on.

It will be sometime after they do their best to reassert government control over the repoductive habits of the majority of the population.

And probably after the House Committee on Un-Christian Activities gets some serious play.

And probably sometime before Justice Clarence Thomas echoes his wife’s public statements, and those of her very generous employers, and declares [again] that regulatin’ America’s real citizens is Unconstitutional.  {it will be sometime after he declares that income, since he just barely got around to doing that}.