Where to Fucking Start…

…umm, I wrote a book. Seriously. I did. It’s one helluva book, to be honest.

While I was being detained by the State of Texas due to a familial reaction to my book, I ran across a newspaper story (yes, they still, for some reason, print newspapers) that talked about how a basketball team lost a game 100-0. In what can only be called bizarro world the team that LOST was featured on news programs and the coach of the team that WON was fired.

This is a perfect example of how farked up our culture has become. We do not reward excellence, or even temporary perfection, we reward pathetic losership. We parade it around, and laugh at it, and feel better about ourselves. And instead of trying to make the losers better people and player, we put them on pedestals and penalize those that play good defense and know how to put the ball in the hole.

A nutjob former commie named Ayn Rand wrote a couple thousand pages (in two books) about a culture that promoted the pathetic as the amazing. In those books she was lampooning Communism. If she were alive today, she would realize that Corporate America and our Corporate Media, is the hellish reality she hoped to avoid.

Welcome to the distopia, twenty-four years behind schedule.