Anderson Cooper : 360 Degrees Of Suck

Flipping through some channels.  Just checked real quick on CNN.

I catch Anderson Cooper talking about how “Lipstick” has, sadly, dominated the news cycle for the past two days.

His question for guests….are they still talking about it because it’s so effective for McCain or are they still talking about it because of how Obama responded.

I mean…really?  They only way to stop talking about it, is to stop talking about it.  Not talk about how you talked about not talking about it.

Anderson, you win the “Really Shitty Info-Tainment Host of the Day” award (he’s nowhere near a “journalist”…which is an inuslt to most).  Congrats!

A Simple Guide to Biased Reporting (re: Lipstick bullshit and Bonney Kapp)

So we all know Fox is a joke, but it’s kinda funny when they themselves point it out..

But with so many news outlets – especially cable and Internet – influencing the news cycle, it seems as though personalities, gaffes, and yes, even made up controversies will continue to make their way to the forefront of political coverage.

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Yea…when you make ’em like that.

BTW, in addition to the boldfaced hypocrisy, this article by Bonney Kapp is total crap. 

Let me highlight the bias in the article.  All done with descriptive words and sneaky quotes.

Title: Obama Says “Enough” with “Phony” Controversy (sneaky use of quotes…is it a quote or a praphrase?  Who knows?)

Body : “Obama said apologetically…”

“Obama proclaimed his comment…”

“An exasperated Obama ticked off…”

“Obama has accused the McCain campaign…”

“Frustrated, Obama declared…”

And there you go.  That’s how you put bias in an article.  A textbook example really.  All that personal flavor.  On an article about nothing, featured on Google News as Fox’s finest.

UPDATE: I’ve made no secret of my love for the internet.  This is why.  Above you see a text version of the event.  Below, you see a video version of the event.

When comparing the two, it becomes blatantly obvious that trusting Bonney Kapp to bring you news about politics is retarded.   If I want bullshit, I’ll buy some cows.