Crushing Dissent is [Nation-State]

Does China have the right to defend itself?

Published March 24, 2008

This photo was featured in the New York Times today.  If you can’t see it, it is a photo of the debri left in the streets of Lhasa, Tibet after rioters burned chinese shop owners goods.  As you know, Chinese military brutally cracked down on the unrest and killed anywhere from 20 (per Chinese official reports) to 99 (per exile Tibetan groups) people in the process.  Because of this event, we have calls for boycotting the Olympics this summer, and calls from people like Nancy Pelosi to condemn China in its actions.

Now, I am just a little confused here.  Isn’t it US policy to condemn the occupied peoples in their revolts, to encourage passive, non-violent resistance, and to defend the occupiers for their murders of the oppressed, saying that China has a right to defend itself?

Perhaps my confusion comes from the way the US continuously repeats the phrase, “We support Israel in its right to defend itself.”

Someone forgot the whole commies vs. jews argument.  I think there’s a joke there somewhere, but for the moment it escapes me…like those darn emulacks of Peristronia 4.  The more we crushed them, the more they slipped through our fingers.

If only we’d know that was how they re-produced.  Cheeky buggers.