PDS: Palin Derangement Syndrome

PDS: Palin Derangement Synmdrome = Holding the mistaken belief that Sarah Palin is in any way qualified to be President of the United States.

I’ve been reading and watching a whole bunch of Vice-Presidential “debate” reactions and I think I’ve located a fairly new psychological disorder (golly, it has only been happening for like 6 weeks now).   For some reason it only takes hold in the most partisan and hackish pundits.  Indeed, we have now a very simple test to see if a pundit is rational or “in the tank” (or tanked).

Simply ask them if they think Governor Palin is qualified to be President.  If they say yes, then they have PDS and should be ignored in all political matters until after the election.  If they say no, then they retain at least a slight bit of political acumen.  Note this has nothing to do with party affiliation, just a question with a simple and obvious answer to an objective oberver.

For those under the miskaken impression that “winkin'” and “lookin’ adorable” are qualifications for the Presdiency, please realize this is one of the first signs of PDS and now would be a good time to stop talkin’ all political under you read up and have some idea about what the heck is goin on.

Winkie!! For President 08-16!!

Winkie!! For President 08-16!!

 And if you *really* think Palin has the “executive experience” she needs to run the country….realize that for the *vast* majority of her political career, her office had a drive-through window.

No shit.

This was where you buy the rape kits.
This was where you buy the rape kits.

Yes, that is a drive-through right over there.  Yes, this is the “experience” that sufferers of PDS believe is sufficient to run a country in the midst of an economic crisis, two shooting wars, and three soft ones.

Oh, and our last “folksy” President has run the country into the ground/off a cliff/into a wall…pick your metaphor, they all work.   This is perhaps the single most damning aspect of PDS.  These same pundits just saw what happened when you give a young governor with little intellectual curiousity and a great deal of personal charm and no foreign policy experience the reigns of power.  Perhaps they think Bush has been a success.  Yes, that would explain it.

And would, of course, even further disqualify them from being seen as having a rational viewpoint.

The World This Week By Wah : September 21, 2008

Videos should be coming shortly…like tonight.

UPDATE: Or maybe tomorrow.  Got everything updated (XP, Vista with Service Packs and video editing software, new version, and other patches, and a new monitor) and now we’re done with last week’s program.  I am hoping to get these done and uploaded by Sunday night, Monday at the latest, so far I haven’t made it.  My plan right now calls for 10 weeks of this stuff, which takes us right through the election.  Feel free to offer feedback.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Here’s the outline (for all three parts):

  1. The Economy
    Welcome to the REALLY United States of America!!
    One Thing To Say About the Collapse of Wall Street
    The World’s Biggest Bailouts
    Sorry about that whole “U.S. economic collapse” thing (Straw and A Camel’s Back)
  2. McCain vs. Obama Tax Plan
    Biden’s Response to McCain Tax Lie Gets More Coverage Than the Lie
    Arguing About Obama’s Tax Policy
  3. Text Messages and the Tececom Scam
    Lookin at the Text Message Scam
  4. Russia, Georgia, Bush Doctrine and Palin
    Let’s Play: “Fun With Russia: Arms Deal Version”
    Straight From the Energy Expert’s Mouth To Your Ears
    [On] Palin Progaganda on Fox
    Palin Lying and Covering It Up (Email Hacked)
    Charles Krauthammer’s Lie (and read up on the “Bush Doctrine”)
    New Yorker : Funny : Two Things That Rarely Go Together
    Q: re: Rape Kits :: Can You Save Money If You Buy in Bulk
  5. NSA Lawsuit
    Fighting the NSA
  6. Science / General Interest
    Scientists Expose Mystery Behind Aurora Borealis Spectacle Of Light
    Now That’s Quality Construction
    Ninja Cat : Lessons in Stalking
  7. Sports / Culture
    How Do I Turn Off Tony Kornheiser?
    Jesus “Jack Bauer” Christ
    Kottke on Wallace
  8. Quick President 08 Update
    McCain: No Science For You!!!
    Obama’s 50 State Project Complete
  • Conclusion
  • Best Obama Response Yet (Jay-Z, Debate, Elitist, Media Crap)

    First up the news story.

    Perhaps this is what the Funkmeister — that other Clinton — meant when he sang about painting the White House black: There’s Barack Obama, fresh from Wednesday’s debate dust-up, beleaguered but still standing, acknowledging that he’s taken some hits from his opponent, some mighty hits, but you know, it’s okay, because that’s politics. Ultimately, you’ve got to . . .

    And then he — pay attention now — brushes the dirt off his shoulders. Repeatedly.

    The crowd leaps to its feet, applauding and laughing.

    Talk about a major Jay-Z move. People, we’re talking about a seminal moment in the campaign, the merging of politics and pop culture: in which a presidential candidate — a self-confessed hip-hop head and Jay-Z fan — references a rap hit and a dance move.

    [full story]

    Go ahead and watch the video on that story first.

    Personally, I found this reaction absolutely on target. I’ll put up some stuff later on the joke of a debate they had this week, but his reaction of brushing his shoulders off sums the whole thing up perfectly.

    And then the ‘net culture took over with the re-mixing.

    UPDATE: For the culturally unaware..

    To brush one’s shoulders off, according to the Urban Dictionary, is to engage in the act of “shaking them haters off. In other words it means to brush off negative energy of statements made about you.”

    This is the general idea that when one steps to you, it is not necessary to automatically go for the gat, but you can, in fact, dismiss it as the rantings of a fool, brush your shoulders off, and focus on the important part.

    UPDATE: More for the NYT.

    THE crowd is turning on me,” said Charles Gibson, the ABC anchor, when the audience jeered him in the final moments of Wednesday night’s face-off between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

    I can’t remember a debate in which the only memorable moment was the audience’s heckling of a moderator. Then again, I can’t remember a debate that became such an instant national gag, earning reviews more appropriate to a slasher movie like “Prom Night” than a civic event held in Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center:

    “Shoddy, despicable!” — The Washington Post

    “A tawdry affair!” — The Boston Globe

    “A televised train wreck!” — The Philadelphia Daily News

    UPDATE: Going back to the original “shoulder shake”, I can only laugh at what the “expert analysts” had to say…

    The move illustrated both a generational and a cultural gap: On MSNBC host Joe Scarborough‘s show yesterday, The Washington Post‘s Richard Cohen said the shoulder shaking was “contemptuous and aloof” and “not smart.” Scarborough on Obama’s move: “We looked at each other and said, ‘What’s he doing ?’ “

    This level of ignorance is about the only way an “elitist” label is going to stick on someone who spent their formative years, and their Harvard education, doing community organizing. Having spent some time in communities similar to the south side of Chicago, I can guarantee you, these aren’t the jobs elitists take.

    Obama, only 24, struck board members as “awesome” and “extremely impressive,” and they quickly hired him, at $13,000 a year, plus $2,000 for a car–a beat-up blue Honda Civic, which Obama drove for the next three years organizing more than twenty congregations to change their neighborhoods.

    “I can’t say we didn’t make mistakes, that I knew what I was doing,” Obama recalled three years ago to a boisterous convention of the still-active DCP. “Sometimes I called a meeting, and nobody showed up. Sometimes preachers said, ‘Why should I listen to you?’ Sometimes we tried to hold politicians accountable, and they didn’t show up. I couldn’t tell whether I got more out of it than this neighborhood.”

    But, he continued, “I grew up to be a man, right here, in this area. It’s as a consequence of working with this organization and this community that I found my calling. There was something more than making money and getting a fancy degree. The measure of my life would be public service.”

    To reiterate, here was a whole bunch of strange crap being thrown around the last couple weeks as the Clinton supporters in the media get more desperate (btw, the motivation for the media’s love on Clinton goes back to the administration of Clinton (w/Penis) and how he provided for massive revenue gains for the media companies both through massive de-regulation, and allowing nearly anyone to advertise, drug companies being the biggest one).