Obama: Tea Partiers Should Thank Me for Tax Breaks


Old, white, Republicans (i.e. The Tea Party) won’t thank you for anything, Mr. President. It’s beneath them.

UPDATE: I’ve been planning a longer version on this one.  The difference between what the Tea Party *thinks* is happening in this country and what is *really* happening in this country is astounding.

“In all, we passed 25 different tax cuts last year. And one thing we haven’t done is raise income taxes on families making less than $250,000 a year — another promise that we kept,” he told supporters at the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. “So I’ve been a little amused over the last couple of days where people have been having these rallies about taxes. You would think they would be saying thank you.”

The president argued that America is on the road to recovery and headed in the right direction — something an overwhelming number of Tea Partiers disagree with.

“One of the great things about running for president,” Mr. Obama said, “is it gives you a little perspective because you realize that these things go in cycles, the mood of the media and how things get portrayed. And so you’re like a genius for about a month and then you’re an idiot for about six months. Then, you know, you’re smart again for — you’re not as smart as you were, but you’re a little smarter than they thought you were, then you’re an idiot again.”

People shouldn’t focus on the day-to-day politics and polls, he said.

“What you’ve got to focus on is that true North, that lodestar, which is, are the things we’re doing over the long term going to help not just this generation but the next generation? Is this going to make America stronger?,” he said.

Note: the title of this post came from the linked article.  Obama doesn’t say “me”.   (“In all, we passed 25 different tax cuts last year…You would think they would be saying thank you.”)  it is a bit trolly and just indicative of what the media has become nowadays.

That’s part of the disconnect.   Old people with lots of time on their hands watch a lot of TV and a lot of news.  That’s who the Tea Party is, which is why they get so much news coverage.  They also tend to be wealthier, so despite them being a very small segment of the overall population, they are a targeted news demographic (and make up roughly 98% of Fox News viewers).   So they get a lot of coverage and have the time to make a lot of noise.  My other piece will be a bit longer, but that’s the general tilt of it.