Tigh Visits Walter Reed

Saul Tigh visited Walter Reed Junior High School last week on a dual Campaign and Recruiting trip. While opponent John McCain used an image of the middle school during his Republican acceptance speech (apparently in error), Colonel Tigh took the time to actually visit the school and talk to the students.

Tigh Visits Walter Reed.

Oh crap, this is too funny. Here’s the real story behind it.

I remember this during the RNC Convention. Thought it was so strange I took a picture of it.

McCain Green Background. by you.

He kinds looks like a Hamster.

Parder.  a POW Hamster.

Mark 12 Goes Boomb Boomb (or did to your grandma)

Boing Boing

The triggers were for Mark -12 nuclear weapons. The Mark 12, nicknamed “Brock” by those who have pet names for atomic bombs, hasn’t been part of the nuclear arsenal since 1962. These things have been outdated for 46 years. I think (this is no joke) that a Mark-12 trigger uses vacuum tubes.So, my question is, why are we keeping so much junk in our nuclear attics? Even my mom finally cleared out her basement (throwing away my collection of vintage Archie comics, but that’s another issue.)

It’s true, and a trait of governments.  They never get rid of what they might need some day.  This is as opposed to pirates and ninjas, who travel light.

Robots are heavy.