Obama puts Clinton, Hillary up for Executive Administrative Assistant of State

From the news,

WASHINGTON – Massachusetts Sens. John Kerry and Edward Kennedy are praising Democratic colleague Hillary Rodham Clinton’s nomination to be secretary of state.

Kerry said in a statement Monday that Clinton’s “remarkable intellect” would help restore America’s alliances across the globe and advance President-elect Barack Obama’s foreign policy agenda.

Kerry had been mentioned as a possible secretary of state choice. As incoming chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he will host Clinton’s confirmation hearing.

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I’m glad to see Obama follow through on his “team of rivals” promise from the election.  With this and the potential nomination of the current SecDef to the same position, and Larry Summers on economics, he’s proven himself to be very mainstream in his selections for positions of power.

Sadly, those who thought he was going to fill his cabinet with his homies from the hood will probably continue to say stupid things, and miss that he actually is trying to follow in the footsteps of Lincoln.

It wasn’t just words, it would seem.

Now….that’s about all there is to do now, as he’s still not the President Proper, but this should calm a whole lot of nerves.  And I love the thought of all the PUMA-idiots having to not only eat their words, but shit them out, grill ’em up, and eat ’em again.

To wit…this is from last week on one of the total-nutter sites

The misogyny, sexism and gay-bashing by Democrats that occurred in the 2008 election cycle is an open sore that will not heal. The leadership of the Democratic Left increasingly proved itself to be a misogynistic and anti-gay coalition. The words are “progressive”. The actions contradict the words. We know actions speak louder than words.

I think we all know now who the “open sore who will not heal” is.

I wonder if they’ll see this “action” and come on back down to Earth with the rest of us.  For some reason, I seriously doubt it.   When you’ve thrown your hat this far into the ring, it’s hard to back down even when you know you are wrong. (see: Republicans on Iraq circa 2004).

NOTE: title joke isn’t mine, but funny nonetheless.