Mitch McConnell’s ties Ukrainian Foreign Policy to Domestic Republican Fundraising

So why does the same senator, Chopivsky asks, tie up IMF funding important to Ukraine because of a domestic political dispute over nonprofits, known as 501(c)(4)s?

“I would hope that my old friend Mitch McConnell could separate the issues and treat the IMF and Ukraine aid separately from 501(c)(4)s and political fundraising,” Chopivsky said in an interview.

via Mitch McConnell’s foreign policy evolution – David Rogers –

So essentially the GOP *has to have* anonymous donations legal in order to keep working as a political party.  When the nation learns that 20 people fund 80% of the GOP effort, my guess is that even the dumbest of derpers will realize they are being used as Koch suckers.

This is something that Mitch McConnell can simply not let happen.  Letting the citizens of the United States see behind the curtain of campaign finance is to be avoided at all costs…even the cost of allowing a new curtain, another iron one, to start being erected.