I like “Diabetes Juice” (but then again, I’m honest and not selling it)

Here’s the question:

The companies that make high-fructose corn syrup want to pick a new name for the sweetener, so we’re asking Well readers to help.

We asked a panel of nutrition experts what they thought about the term “corn sugar,” which is the name suggested by the Corn Refiners Association. We also asked them to offer their own ideas.

Other suggestions are here


A high-fructose corn syrup researcher answers his critics


“Dr. Hoebel points out that previous research has firmly established that if you give rats access to a 10% table sugar “drink” in addition to their normal feed, they do not gain additional fat. In other words, their bodies are able to metabolize the extra calories without creating more weight. This previous research is referenced in the study–but was apparently overlooked by critics”

Critics do the darnedest things.