They showed this video today at the hearing on why American Muslims are being Radicalized…

…I think we all know what the problem is now, don’t we?

BTW, I was lying to you in that headline (and I’ll always tell you I am in the same post when I do so).  They didn’t show this video today.

That would have been like holding up a mirror to, and a spotlight on, the nastiest, most vile, and disgusting side of America.

And that’s what youtube is for, not Congress.   Congress is for making people cry. [skip ahead to about 11:55…or watch the whole thing, either way he cries at the end, true story.]

The Shithole Ratio

ASCII by Jason Scott: The Tyranny of the Ratio

Not every part of history is bright and cheerful, and some concepts which we think we’ve grown past are certainly still with us to the present day. In these cases, historical knowledge of the situation is even more disheartening than none at all. Nothing’s worse than knowing we’ve encountered a problem before, have dealt with the problem, and now the problem has optimized and made itself even more insidious and evil the next time around.Many situations fall under this general description, but I speak today of the Ratio.

This one is regarding the largely unsolvable problem of “community”.  At least it’s good to know there’s always going to be problems.