Buffet challenges GOP dollar-for-dollar on debt (Match this, Mitt!)

BOSTON — Warren Buffett is willing to put his money where his mouth is, if only congressional Republicans would join him.

The billionaire investor, in the new issue of Time magazine, says he will donate $1 to paying down the national debt for every dollar donated by a Republican in Congress. The only exception is Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell — for whom Buffett said he would go $3-to-$1.

The idea stems from a New York Times opinion piece Buffett wrote last August in which he said the rich ought to pay more taxes. It sparked an instant controversy, with some Washington conservatives calling on the 81-year-old “Oracle of Omaha” to voluntarily pay extra.

“It restores my faith in human nature to think that there are people who have been around Washington all this time and are not yet so cynical as to think that (the deficit) can’t be solved by voluntary contributions,” the Berkshire Hathaway CEO told Time for an article hitting newsstands on Friday.

He went on to tell the magazine that what the country needed was a system that favored people who were not born investors.

via Buffet challenges GOP dollar-for-dollar on debt – Business – US business – msnbc.com.

See folks…these are the kinds of balls you need to be one of richest guys on the planet.  Trust me, folks…many who talk about the vast economic disparity in this country don’t do it out of “envy” or “resentment”.     At this point, it’s no shit about the basic common courtesy of not being a greedy asshole.

And I LOVE that one of the folks he is calling out here is my b.s. spewing Senator, John Cornyn.  Here’s what he said…(well…”tweeted”).

Cornyn Calls out Buffett on Personal Contributions to Debt Reduction

Cornyn Calls out Buffett on Personal Contributions to Debt Reduction

Yes, they will.  Maybe that’s something campaigns can now compete over…especially Republican campaigns that constantly talk about reducing the debt.  Instead of buying commercials talking about reducing the debt..send that money directly to pay down the debt.  This does three things, 1) puts money where the mouth is, which is very convincing and 2) makes Warren Buffett spend some money, always hard to do and 3) IT PAYS DOWN THE DEBT.

Then, come election day…we vote for the guy (or gal) that did the most to ACTUALLY BRING DOWN THE DEBT.

UPDATE: OH, and BTW…if neither side will give that first dollar, I will….but I’m going to beg for it on the street first, just to make a point.

NYC mosque will be election issue, Republican predicts

Of course it will be. The R’s ran on 9/11-9/11-9/11 to great effect in 2004. Why not try again in 2010?

Between this, immigration, and Obama, the ‘Brown Scare’ wins the Republican motivate-the-base campaign theme trifecta.


WASHINGTON — The top Republican in charge of Senate campaigns said Sunday that President Obama’s support of a Muslim group’s right to build an Islamic center near the site of the 9/11 attacks in New York would become an issue in the fall elections.

The comments from Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, added to the firestorm that erupted this weekend over Obama’s decision to first weigh in on the controversy and then clarify that he was not endorsing the site for the center.

The proposed $100 million project, two blocks from the World Trade Center site, would include a community center, a mosque and memorial to 9/11 victims. A city commission unanimously approved the project this month.

Yes, a community center with a mosque…pretty much a Muslim version of the YMCA is what these *Senators* are opposing.  I’m glad our President remembers his oath of office to defend the Constitution, if only these Senators took the same oath…oops, they do.

Can someone please remind Senator Cornyn that the first amendment to the Constitution reads thusly…

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I fail to see the “Except for Muslims” or “after 9/11 this doesn’t count” clauses.  Perhaps I’m just not scared enough to read it that way.

UPDATE: Here comes the politics…

On today’s show, Republican strategist Ed Rollins, who was the National Campaign Director for the Reagan-Bush campaign in 1984 and the national campaign chairman for the Mike Huckabee presidential campaign in 2007, even called Obama’s comments “probably the dumbest thing that any president has said or candidate has said since Michael Dukakis said it was okay to burn the flag. And it was very similar.”

“This is an emotional issue,” Rollins said. “Intellectually the president may be right. But this is an emotional issue. People who lost kids, brothers, sisters, fathers, what have you, do not want that mosque in New York.”

And what, may you ask, is “probably the dumbest thing that any president has said” according to GOP operatives?

“As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country,” Obama told a crowd gathered at the White House to observe the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Note that second bit, about the President being technically, legally, and intellectually correct, but that the GOP hopes to capitalize on the emotion (FEAR!!!) to win some elections.   Today’s GOP in a nutshell, as far as I can tell.  (and it’s pretty far, since this post started out with the chairman of the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) which is currently running this bit of slander.  That last thing is…just sad.  Hamas also thinks the sky is blue, so any Senators who agree with them are obviously terrorists, at least by NRSC “logic”.)

Republicans officially Anti-American, Anti-Constitution

This is sick, sad, and disgusting.  Everything that this country stands and has stood for, is now under attack for short term political gain.  This is the Republican *leadership*, working every day to change what it means to be an American (which you can only be if they approve of your heritage).    This is officially disgusting.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is the latest high-profile Republican to say Congress should reconsider the guarantee of birthright citizenship provided by the 14th Amendment, in light of the current debate over immigration reform.

“I think we ought to take a look at it — hold hearings, listen to the experts on it,” McConnell said to the Hill on Monday. “I haven’t made a final decision about it, but that’s something that we clearly need to look at. Regardless of how you feel about the various aspects of immigration reform, I don’t think anybody thinks that’s something they’re comfortable with.”

McConnell’s remarks echo those of Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), who said Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that he would like to see congressional hearings on the issue.

“The 14th Amendment [has been] interpreted to provide that if you are born in the United States, you are a citizen no matter what,” Kyl said. “So the question is, if both parents are here illegally, should there be a reward for their illegal behavior?”

So what does the future of Republican America look like?  I’m not sure, but I do see a lot of jackboots kicking down doors and kids screaming in pain.   Do these fools have any idea what their hairbrained schemes actually entail?   Do they really think we want to turn our backs on the very notions that this country was founded on?  On the very ideals that made it great?

It seems more and more obvious they do.  Jeez, I can’t wait for the boomers to die off.  I just hope the country can survive until then.

UPDATE:  Looks like one of my idiot Senators (and Republican leader) is going along with this nonsense.

WASHINGTON – Texas Sen. John Cornyn is the latest senior Republican to call for a review of “birthright citizenship,” amid complaints that illegal immigrants have abused that post-Civil War constitutional provision.

“We need to have hearings. We need to consult constitutional scholars and study what the implications are,” Cornyn said Wednesday, noting that about 540,000 people were caught illegally entering the United States last year through Mexico.

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Interesting stat to use there, John.  Wouldn’t it be more accurate, in this instance, to quote how many Americans of Hispanic descent were born here last year?    That’s the number you want to bring down.

Rick Noriega on FISA

I was just watching some videos for this previous post and I ran into the one below.

That video was posted in June.

This is the story [posted here], from this week.

WASHINGTON – The Senate Select Intelligence Committee is looking into allegations from two U.S. military linguists that the government routinely listened in on phone calls of American military and humanitarian aid workers serving overseas.

“These are extremely disturbing allegations,” said Committee Chairman Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., in a statement issued Thursday. “We have requested all relevant information from the Bush administration. Any time there is an allegation regarding abuse of the privacy and civil liberties of Americans it is a very serious matter.”

ABC News first reported the charges Thursday, citing one current and one former military linguist by name. They are contained in the book “The Shadow Factory,” to be published next week.

Rick Noriega was one of the guys they listened to.  His was some of the pillow-talk they recorded and passed around.  He didn’t like it.  Now he’s running for Senate.  Works for me.  Heckuva lot better’n Cornyn who spent 2004 talking about how great the war on Terror (in Iraq) was going, not fighting it in Afghanistan.

BTW, here is Cornyn on voting with Bush to approve warrantless wireless of the communications of American citizens.

Earlier this week,Vince Leibowitz of Capitol Annex
mentioned an article written on Texas Insider in which Senator Cornyn made clear his stand on FISA.

[John Cornyn:]

America’s elected leaders have a duty to keep the American people safe. We know that the ability to obtain the right information at the right time is critically important in our struggle against radical Islamic terrorists….”

Yeah right.

With all due respect, Mr. Cornyn, it is also the duty of our elected leaders to serve the people whom they represent and to protect our Constitutional rights. The warrantless wiretapping of American citizens is not only unconstitutional, it is also a mechanism only a police state would use. We elect Presidents in this great nation thank you. We do not install dictators or crown kings.

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To be clear, Obama also voted for that dang FISA bill.  Hopefully he’ll flip-flop on that now that we know what it has been used for.  I can understand why he’d vote for it to avoid the “weak vs his Mulin terrist brothers” nutters, but that’s about it.   It needs to be fixed.


John “Corny” Cornyn’s “Cow Whisperer” Ads and Rick Noriega’s Response

For as much money as John Cornyn has, he sure is spending it in the most bizarre ways, and on some of the most in-effective TV ads I can imagine.After mucking up his launch by running ads immediately after Hurricane Ike and running them for two weeks statewide with seeing a negative bump in the polls, his campaign unveiled their latest ad.

John Cornyn has moved from a canyon- to a field of cows.

No, I’m not kidding. Watch it.

via Burnt Orange Report::: John Cornyn’s New Ad: “The Cow Whisperer”

This is such a joke.  C’mon, gimme a break.

Cornyn has been in lock-step with Bush his entire time in the Senate.  He defends him at every turn.  He’s as big a problem with what has happened as Bush is.  Except he had less power.  Regardless, he was with Bush on everything.  And I don’t think I can be literal enough about that.

Sadly, this is what he’s up against.

There he was, trying to attract Texans’ attention by holding a Webcast town hall meeting to answer voter questions about his U.S. Senate race.

Two minutes later, Democrat Rick Noriega’s show turned to static. Lots of static. Then the camera tilted upside down. Then more static. The screen went to black. A few voters’ questions could be heard, but Noriega’s answers were often interrupted by audio and video glitches.

Technical troubles aren’t the only difficulties lately for Noriega’s long shot bid to oust Republican Sen. John Cornyn. Faced with Cornyn’s far larger bank account and advantage of incumbency in a predominantly Republican state, Noriega has little room for error. Yet his campaign continues to stumble on matters big and small.

[full story]


Seriously though, the guy’s name is Rick Noriega, which is a tough name to run on in the U.S., much less Texas.

He’s got a funny ad though.

…which has been seen roughly twice as many times as my own video from last week regarding the economic collapse and who to blame…which inlcudes John Cornyn.

Twice.  Which is sad, because I’m not even running for Senate.

BTW, you can read about their recent debate here.

From the polls I’ve seen, Corny is up about 6 or 7 points.  Hopefully as McFailin continues to implode and Obama surges, it will drag along the Texas electorate.   I know that sounds pretty fanciful, but you would be surprised at the Obama/McCain car sticker ratio in Dallas, which is where the “W Museum” is being built (and a “W Hotel” already has been).