So what other common wisdom about our ‘liberal media’ is b.s.?



To be fair and balanced one needs to realize that by including Fox in the sample of news media sources, it tilts the whole scale horribly.   But since they *are* a major portion of the media, you kinda have to include them in the analysis to be fair and balanced.

Curiously this illustrates that our media is neither liberal nor fair nor balanced, but most folks already know that.  Our major media *is* ‘corporate’ however, through and through.  Understanding that aspect of the Media help keep things in perspective (i.e. they are morally obligated as good corporate citizens to provide you with the information that best maximizes their profits).   

Hate the liberal media? Hate Fox News? Then stop them

You won’t see a lot a corporate media coverage on this one (ACTA) as it a) puts them in the spotlight and b) gives them a TON more power.

And don’t let folks confuse this issue with net neutrality, which is a completely different beast. Here’s what this does…

Just look at some of the “anti-counterfeiting” measures included in ACTA. ACTA would set up a global framework that could:

  • Require Internet service providers (ISPs) to disconnect individuals accused (not convicted) of repeated copyright infringement;
  • Require ISPs to hand over their subscribers’ identities to copyright owners without any due process or judicial oversight;
  • Require ISPs to make potentially expensive modifications to their networks in an effort to prevent copyright infringement;
  • Prohibit the U.S. Congress from reforming the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which makes it a crime to defeat copy protection even when making a copy is perfectly legal;
  • Require all countries to implement DMCA-like laws for their own populations, without the benefit of fair use or other legal exceptions that provide a modicum of protection for speech;
  • Threaten potential innovators with outrageous financial penalties for copyright infringement; and
  • Criminalize even non-commercial uses of copyrighted materials.

The link includes some of the legislators to cotact to try and stop this one.