Obama Gets Iran Deal, GOP Freaks Collective Shit

Just go ahead and get yourself elected, Lindsey, and you can do that (heck, this is the kind of stuff we want debated before we elect Presidents…and note how we elected Obama twice, to do just this kind of stuff).

The hatred of Obama and the cover it provides for the GOP has led to some very interesting and, frankly, openly seditious, behavior.

I have to wonder if the Tea Party is going to die off before the reality they inhabit is just too far gone from the rest of us to continue moving forward together.

Look at how many in the GOP talk about reality itself, and you begin to see this issue.

What the Obama administration has done (if the deal holds) is the same thing the Bush administration claimed to have wanted to do, stop Iran (Iraq) from obtaining WMD.

The difference here is that Iran, unlike Iraq, had an active program and Obama, unlike Bush, was able to do it without a decades long war, thousand of lives and trillions of dollars.

The discrepancy here is massively huge and, it would seem, the only choice the GOP has is to double and triple down on the Obama-hate.

Sad, but there it is.

Republicans officially Anti-American, Anti-Constitution

This is sick, sad, and disgusting.  Everything that this country stands and has stood for, is now under attack for short term political gain.  This is the Republican *leadership*, working every day to change what it means to be an American (which you can only be if they approve of your heritage).    This is officially disgusting.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is the latest high-profile Republican to say Congress should reconsider the guarantee of birthright citizenship provided by the 14th Amendment, in light of the current debate over immigration reform.

“I think we ought to take a look at it — hold hearings, listen to the experts on it,” McConnell said to the Hill on Monday. “I haven’t made a final decision about it, but that’s something that we clearly need to look at. Regardless of how you feel about the various aspects of immigration reform, I don’t think anybody thinks that’s something they’re comfortable with.”

McConnell’s remarks echo those of Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), who said Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that he would like to see congressional hearings on the issue.

“The 14th Amendment [has been] interpreted to provide that if you are born in the United States, you are a citizen no matter what,” Kyl said. “So the question is, if both parents are here illegally, should there be a reward for their illegal behavior?”

So what does the future of Republican America look like?  I’m not sure, but I do see a lot of jackboots kicking down doors and kids screaming in pain.   Do these fools have any idea what their hairbrained schemes actually entail?   Do they really think we want to turn our backs on the very notions that this country was founded on?  On the very ideals that made it great?

It seems more and more obvious they do.  Jeez, I can’t wait for the boomers to die off.  I just hope the country can survive until then.

UPDATE:  Looks like one of my idiot Senators (and Republican leader) is going along with this nonsense.

WASHINGTON – Texas Sen. John Cornyn is the latest senior Republican to call for a review of “birthright citizenship,” amid complaints that illegal immigrants have abused that post-Civil War constitutional provision.

“We need to have hearings. We need to consult constitutional scholars and study what the implications are,” Cornyn said Wednesday, noting that about 540,000 people were caught illegally entering the United States last year through Mexico.

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Interesting stat to use there, John.  Wouldn’t it be more accurate, in this instance, to quote how many Americans of Hispanic descent were born here last year?    That’s the number you want to bring down.