Why I Can’t Vote For John McCain

Here’s a video I put together to try and encapuslate my argument.  It’s a bit short in a number of areas (as I self-critique the finished product), but I think I covered many of the things I’ve written about in the video.

Enjoy and share.  I should have the other side of this argument done by the end of the week.

This is the week where a whole bunch of newspapers come out with their endorsements, so I figured I would do the same.

NOTE: Here’s the whole series in print…I think…

An Irregular Heartbeat Away

Sorry, but I keep hearing the old cliche about CinC ticker’s, and I can’t help but amend it to make it topical for McCain and then look at his VP pick and kind of shrug.

I mean….really? That’s who you think is going to find bin laden/stand up to russia/china/europe and repair the country? I would think a responsible leader, who is of advanced age, would try and pick the best person to replace him, not someone who, at first glance, seems handpicks for campaign purposes. I’m still trying to make sense of this. I haven’t seen her speak yet, but jeez, the quotes I’m reading ain’t inspiring confidence.

Palin holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Idaho where she also minored in politics.


I’m officially qualified to be President now. Well, in a couple years. She is old enough to be President.   That’s something.


More coverage here.


Wow….they are going directly after Hillary’s voters.  Wow…”We can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.”   Going *directly* after Hilary’s voters. 

Now you know why’s she’s there.  18,000,000 Democratic Primary voters.

Hmmm….how does that work?

Wes Clark on Becoming Georgian

This is an interview with Wesley Clark regarding the recent happenings regarding Russia and Georgia.

Two things to notice here….what an absolute pathetic hack Cavuto is(1) and what a generally smart and strategic thinker Wes Clark is (to no one’s surprise). I’ll bold Cavuto’s propagandic statements and insane bias.

The fact that Fox News isn’t news isn’t news, so don’t focus too much on that.

In Clark’s statements I’ll highlight the substance of the interview…if you want to actually know more about the situation and read some good strategy for dealing with it, read that part.

If you want to see blatant b.s. read the Cavuto bolds…

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Why I Can’t Vote For John McCain: International Policy Version (Russia/Georgia, Anthrax/Iraq)

UPDATE 10/21/08: I have made a video version of this argument.  It can be seen here.

Let’s start this off with a fairly average picture of some folks at a McCain speech…

Crowd at a John McCain Speech

Crowd at a John McCain Speech

Sorry for the low-blow, but I’m following McCain’s campaign example and I thought this picture was funny. We’ll get to a bit more substantive arguments below…

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