Moore Couldn’t Be More Wrong on Obamacare

Long article, but a good one.

It’s sad that even top tier “conservative economists” have to lie and obfuscate to fill pages. What’s tough is that pulling apart the b.s. leaves folks often in the “well, you can prove anything” horseshit lazy-thinking lane.

People like to claim they are “data driven” but then when they ignore vast swaths of data, it makes it really hard to take with a straight face.

Our media system does little to help alleviate this issue, as they are paid on who and how many people watch, not on what those watchers learn or how accurate that knowledge may be.

It’s the Heritage Foundation. We are dealing with morons here.

Paul Ryan “Has Got Some Bibles”, No Word on Whether or Not He’s Read Any of Them

So there’s a meme I’ve been building on for a a while, and it’s how the modern Republican party, guided by the economic “principles” of Ayn Rand (deconstructed here…btw, it’s a hilarious coincidence that Bioshock’s Randroid pro/antagonist has the same last name as the real world subject of this post) is at complete odds with the moral principles of one Jesus Christ.  This wasn’t a particular difficulty for Ayn Rand, she was a committed Atheist.  It’s a bit of a larger conundrum when allegedly “Christian” politicians adopt the same amoral moral code as the aforementioned Atheist (one of pure reason and profit).

It’s what leads to uncomfortable moments like this….

While I’m not really into the citizen-journalist-camera-bible-ambush thing…when dealing with flaming hypocrites that want to screw over the weak in favor of the rich and claim it’s in the name of Christ…I’m fine with pretty much everything up to, and perhaps including, flaming whips.

Larger media outlets are now slowly growing the (female) balls necessary to call out this hypocrisy of, literally, biblical proportions.