My First Video Game Video

Over a year ago I posted by first game video.  It was different than the others, as I had the camera pointing at me, and not the game.

I enjoy playing video games, a lot.  I just noticed that a bunch of dudes like Tony Hawk, and Kobe Bryant, and Alex Rodriguez (who once hit a home run for me, fun story, not sure if it’s going to make the cut in the First Book), and Michael Phelps also like some of the same games I do.

However, I’m a little bit better at playing games than they are.


Note: title and content of post is also an object lesson in recursion, which I’m currently writing the appendice for.  Thanks to Douglas Hofstadter for that one.  I can’t wait to read his next book, “I am a Strange Loop”.  That should be fun for me, and reading his books is like reading the answers to all the tests, even the ones no has come up with yet.  That might even be my first post-year book review.

Michael Phelps Touching the Wall (and goes Super-Saiyan)

This is how you finish

This is how you finish

I found this animated .gif floating around the net. Very nice shot of Michael Phelps winning the gold medal in historic fashion.  What an amazing finish.  I was watching this down at Frankie’s in Uptown and the whole place went silent for the swim and then crazy for the win.

Props to Phelps for his performance, I hope he can finish the deed this evening and make the history he’s been shooting for.   Way to Power Up!!

This is how you power up.

This is how you power up.

Speaking of shooting, the Redeem Team waxed the Spanish this morning to assert their (and our) complete dominance of the sport of basketball.  Keep on flying guys, you are a blast to watch.

UPDATE: They won the 400 IM (for the 11th straight time).  Congrats to Phelps on 8 golden medallions.

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