Fallout 3 Review Part 2 (Flaming Swords and Mini-Nukes)

I started doing a bit of my Fallout 3 review back here.  In that post there’s a short video with some of the combat.

I’ve added another one, focusing a bit more on one of the custom weapons you can craft in the game, the shishkebob.

As you can see, it is crafted from a scavenged lawnmower blade, a motorcycle gas tank, a pilot light from a gas stove, and a gas throttle to manage the flame.

The perfect hunting weapon, it slices and barbecues simultaneously, saving precious time in the always perilous wasteland.

I also included some footage of the mini-nuke launching “Fat Boy”, since it’s fun to use for cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well (mmmm, cannibalistic).

I’d also suggest you go to Youtube to watch the video, as you can upgrade there and watch it in high quality…a good idea when one of the points of using the video is to display the damn-near photo-realistic post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout 3.