That should be check and mate *holds hand at chin level*

Cain seeks to put aside harassment allegations even as lawyer for accuser presses on –,0,5812877.story

But Cain found himself confronted with the fallout from the disclosure that at least two female employees got financial payouts from the National Restaurant Association after complaining that Cain, who led the trade group at the time, had engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior. Joel P. Bennett, the lawyer for one of two women, said in media interviews Tuesday that he had asked the trade group to waive an agreement and allow her to talk openly about her allegations and to respond to Cain’s claims that the complaints were “totally baseless and totally false.”

Here’s the problem Cain has now, he’s playing “he said, she got paid not to say.”  And he’s claiming that she’s still lying about the whole thing.

This is literally adding insult to injury, and it becomes apparent that the lesson on abuse of power was lost on Cain.

He got away with it the first two times, but doing a victory lap now is just poor form.  

Even the most partisan observer would have to allow the women in question to defend their honor.   And should call on Cain to allow it.