Nice bit of 20th Century Political Recap on where OWS fits

The Wall Street Occupiers and the Democratic Party | LA Progressive

This is not to say that the Occupiers can have no impact on the Democrats. Nothing good happens in Washington –regardless of how good our president or representatives may be –unless good people join together outside Washington to make it happen. Pressure from the left is critically important.

But the modern Democratic Party is not likely to embrace left-wing populism the way the GOP has embraced –or, more accurately, been forced to embrace –right-wing populism. Just follow the money, and remember history.

This general shift of populism is a curious thing to watch…as it has been for a good long while.

Turns out 99% is a lot of people


Clergy Members To March Alongside “Occupy Wall Street” Protesters ––occupy-wall-street–protesters

“Well, I’m down here because Wall Street’s been bailed out, and the American people have been sold out,” said one protester. “I’m a former United States Marine…. I love the country, I love the people, but the government is criminal.” “I am currently a law student, I’m at law school, and it is taking a lot to adjust to make that possible in terms of education, because of the debt,” said another protester. “The interesting thing about our school is that we have a social mission. And a lot of us would like to serve that social mission upon entering law school, but we can’t because we need to find a job that’s going to satisfy our debt, so we won’t be in it for 25 years.” “Message is, you know, I was a business owner and lost my business because of the economy. My dad’s house is in foreclosure because of the economy and being taken away from him right now, and there’s just too much money in too little pockets,” said a third.

…with, of course, a lot of different demands.   This is fun to watch grow.

Violent Occupy Wall Street ‘protester’ turns out to be Conservative Columnist

Daily Kos: Conservative Magazine Brags of its Agent Provocateur’s Role in Provoking Police Action in D.C.

The American Spectator admits to being involved in the precipitation of violence at the Air and Space Museum as a means of discrediting the Occupy Movement. It has been openly reporting about its “plants” among the protesters and their actions to get certain things to occur. Included in this, today, was the presence -and central role played by -of Patrick Howley, its Assistant Editor, in sparking the police reaction and violence.

Turn Wall Street into Main Street…Permanently

Occupy Wall Street – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic

Pictures can tell a better story than talking heads sometimes.  This is one of them.  Know that RPN is with you, he just slightly miscalculated and was unemployed in NYC seven years early.

But big ups from Big D regardless, stay strong, stay right, but mostly JUST STAY. 

Occupy Wall Street, they’ve certainly been occupying us for faaar too long.