A Few Conservatives Recovering from PDS

Update for you real quick on a political sickness that has been sweeping the networks, PDS (Explained and Defined here…simple definition: Anyone who *really* think that Palin is qualified to be President).

Previously we mentioned on Kathleen Parker of the NRO had recovered from PDS. Here is her recounting her post-recovery experiences.

First up in David Brooks, neoconservative commentator at the NYT (boooo!!!…oh wait…is this a Palin rally, or rational people…I mean…who the hell boos a newspaper?*). He used to be a PDS sufferer, now he’s getting better.

You can read more here.

[Sarah Palin] represents a fatal cancer to the Republican party. When I first started in journalism, I worked at the National Review for Bill Buckley. And Buckley famously said he’d rather be ruled by the first 2,000 names in the Boston phone book than by the Harvard faculty. But he didn’t think those were the only two options. He thought it was important to have people on the conservative side who celebrated ideas, who celebrated learning.

[And on Obama]

Obama has the great intellect. I was interviewing Obama a couple years ago, and I’m getting nowhere with the interview, it’s late in the night, he’s on the phone, walking off the Senate floor, he’s cranky. Out of the blue I say, ‘Ever read a guy named Reinhold Niebuhr?’ And he says, ‘Yeah.’ So i say, ‘What did Niebuhr mean to you?’ For the next 20 minutes, he gave me a perfect description of Reinhold Niebuhr’s thought, which is a very subtle thought process based on the idea that you have to use power while it corrupts you. And I was dazzled, I felt the tingle up my knee as Chris Matthews would say.

And George F. Will, whom I made fun of here.

Famed conservative columnist George Will told a gathering of Senate aides on Monday that Gov. Sarah Palin is “obviously” not prepared to assume the presidency if necessary, two event attendees told the Huffington Post.

Appearing at a Senate Press Secretaries Association reception at the Cornerstone Government Affairs office, Will offered a harsh assessment of John McCain’s running mate.

Palin is “obviously not qualified to be President,” he remarked, describing her interview on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric as a “disaster.”

[full story]

Note this is from a couple weeks back and he might have re-lapsed since then. More on this as it becomes available.


CLEARWATER, Fla. — “Okay, so Florida, you know that you’re going to have to hang onto your hats,” Sarah Palin told a rally of a few thousand here this morning, “because from now until Election Day it may get kind of rough.”

You betcha. And the person dishing out the roughest stuff at the moment is Sarah Palin.

“I was reading my copy of the New York Times the other day,” she said.

“Booooo!” replied the crowd.

PDS: Palin Derangement Syndrome

PDS: Palin Derangement Synmdrome = Holding the mistaken belief that Sarah Palin is in any way qualified to be President of the United States.

I’ve been reading and watching a whole bunch of Vice-Presidential “debate” reactions and I think I’ve located a fairly new psychological disorder (golly, it has only been happening for like 6 weeks now).   For some reason it only takes hold in the most partisan and hackish pundits.  Indeed, we have now a very simple test to see if a pundit is rational or “in the tank” (or tanked).

Simply ask them if they think Governor Palin is qualified to be President.  If they say yes, then they have PDS and should be ignored in all political matters until after the election.  If they say no, then they retain at least a slight bit of political acumen.  Note this has nothing to do with party affiliation, just a question with a simple and obvious answer to an objective oberver.

For those under the miskaken impression that “winkin'” and “lookin’ adorable” are qualifications for the Presdiency, please realize this is one of the first signs of PDS and now would be a good time to stop talkin’ all political under you read up and have some idea about what the heck is goin on.

Winkie!! For President 08-16!!

Winkie!! For President 08-16!!

 And if you *really* think Palin has the “executive experience” she needs to run the country….realize that for the *vast* majority of her political career, her office had a drive-through window.

No shit.

This was where you buy the rape kits.
This was where you buy the rape kits.

Yes, that is a drive-through right over there.  Yes, this is the “experience” that sufferers of PDS believe is sufficient to run a country in the midst of an economic crisis, two shooting wars, and three soft ones.

Oh, and our last “folksy” President has run the country into the ground/off a cliff/into a wall…pick your metaphor, they all work.   This is perhaps the single most damning aspect of PDS.  These same pundits just saw what happened when you give a young governor with little intellectual curiousity and a great deal of personal charm and no foreign policy experience the reigns of power.  Perhaps they think Bush has been a success.  Yes, that would explain it.

And would, of course, even further disqualify them from being seen as having a rational viewpoint.