Whole boatloads of Awesome

If you’ve missed the ICP hilarity over the past few months, you can catch up here.

Shaggy 2 Dope: Come on, a rock that pulls metal towards it or pushes it away? Yeah, it has to do with the magnetic polar caps and [stuff]. But for real? Come on, man. You’re just holding a U-shaped thing that pushes metal away or attracts metal or something. The North and South Pole makes a rock magnetic, and if you touch a piece of metal with it, that becomes magnetic? That’s crazy.

Seriously, read the whole thing here, it’s great.

If you need inspiration…here ya go.  Miracles, motherfucker.

Vice Presidential Debate Preview

Relax. I got this.

While most people will be watching Thursday’s VP debate to find out whether Sarah Palin will start speaking in tongues, there’s also the little matter of diarrhea-mouth hothead Joe Biden. The Obama camp is worried about the notoriously unpredictable Biden getting too aggressive (read: red-faced bellowing) while addressing Gov. Palin and losing the coveted “we hate people who aren’t nice to the woefully underqualified” vote. To prepare, Joe has been rehearsing with MI Gov. Jennifer Granholm standing in for Sarah Palin. Watch our completely made up recreation of those rehearsals (with exclusive pics!) in the slideshow below:

Debate Training – Biden learns what makes girls cry (WITH HOT PICS!) – 236.com – News.

Go watch that slide show.  It’s the funniest thing I think I’ve seen on the campaign trail yet.  Biden makes some amazing faces.

The World This Week By Wah : September 21, 2008

Videos should be coming shortly…like tonight.

UPDATE: Or maybe tomorrow.  Got everything updated (XP, Vista with Service Packs and video editing software, new version, and other patches, and a new monitor) and now we’re done with last week’s program.  I am hoping to get these done and uploaded by Sunday night, Monday at the latest, so far I haven’t made it.  My plan right now calls for 10 weeks of this stuff, which takes us right through the election.  Feel free to offer feedback.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Here’s the outline (for all three parts):

  1. The Economy
    Welcome to the REALLY United States of America!!
    One Thing To Say About the Collapse of Wall Street
    The World’s Biggest Bailouts
    Sorry about that whole “U.S. economic collapse” thing (Straw and A Camel’s Back)
  2. McCain vs. Obama Tax Plan
    Biden’s Response to McCain Tax Lie Gets More Coverage Than the Lie
    Arguing About Obama’s Tax Policy
  3. Text Messages and the Tececom Scam
    Lookin at the Text Message Scam
  4. Russia, Georgia, Bush Doctrine and Palin
    Let’s Play: “Fun With Russia: Arms Deal Version”
    Straight From the Energy Expert’s Mouth To Your Ears
    [On] Palin Progaganda on Fox
    Palin Lying and Covering It Up (Email Hacked)
    Charles Krauthammer’s Lie (and read up on the “Bush Doctrine”)
    New Yorker : Funny : Two Things That Rarely Go Together
    Q: re: Rape Kits :: Can You Save Money If You Buy in Bulk
  5. NSA Lawsuit
    Fighting the NSA
  6. Science / General Interest
    Scientists Expose Mystery Behind Aurora Borealis Spectacle Of Light
    Now That’s Quality Construction
    Ninja Cat : Lessons in Stalking
  7. Sports / Culture
    How Do I Turn Off Tony Kornheiser?
    Jesus “Jack Bauer” Christ
    Kottke on Wallace
  8. Quick President 08 Update
    McCain: No Science For You!!!
    Obama’s 50 State Project Complete
  • Conclusion
  • Tina Fey in Her Dream Role (Women Protest Palin)

    This is so freakin’ hilarious.

    By the way, I wonder what the real reaction was….

    Palin was on board her campaign jet flying from Reno to Denver as 11:30 PM Eastern rolled around. But the show was available on the Jetblue charter’s satellite TV system.

    Standing alongside SNL cast member Amy Poehler who was impersonating Hillary Clinton, Fey’s Palin extolled her foreign policy expertise in a flat midwestern accent: “I can see Russia from my house!”

    There were howls of laughter from the sizeable press corps covering Palin’s first foray on the campaign trail without her running man as a chaperone.

    But, from the front of the plane, silence. The flight attendants assured us Palin and her entourage were watching. What she thought, though, is anybody’s guess.

    Palin has yet to say so much as hello to the press corps.

    The campaign is doing its best to keep Palin well away from inquisitive reporters, going so far as to book the press corps into a separate hotel from the candidate.

    [full post]

    I guaran-goddam-tee you she went ballistic.  At least on the inside.  The skit was pretty vicious, IMHO. (those bastards at Universal removed it from the youtube and now I can’t embed with my cut-rate WordPress.  You have to pay the ad gods to pay for the priviledge of paying for the bandwidth to watch it here.)   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when it comes to confrontation, men are violent, women are vicious.

    The skit went hard after Palin, and the little she has been kind enough to share with the nation so far. (I can see Russia from my house….killer line…bursts the Palin bubble in and of itself).

    Hiding from the Press, ON YOUR OWN PLANE, is absurd.  It’s a slap in the face to the country.

    So the country slaps back.  And that’s what you see above.

    She need to get out there and work harder to define herself before Tina Fey does it for her on SNL.  As the title mentions, this is Tina Fey’s dream role.  Not only is she the spitting image of the Governor of Alaska, but she was a pretty hard-core Hillary supporters.  She is probably taking this whole thing a bit personally (as are a bunch of women….see below) and is more than happy to take on the Governess of the North.

    It would prove, once again, what a powerful force women are in our society.  As a comedienne could change the course of political history.  Our chicks are one of our great strengths.  😉

    As you can see here…..

    You can see the pictures here, which have some GREAT signs.

    Good question.  Or is it sexist?

    Good question. Or is it sexist?

    Not Stupid in Alaska

    Not Stupid in Alaska

    And the news, straight from Alaska.

    Listen to the kind of politics, that go on there…this is about one of Palin’s supporters in Alaska, media-guy Eddie.  He called the women who organized the rally, “socialist MAGGOTS, a bunch of socialist, baby-killing, MAGGOTS.” [his emphasis]

    Check it.

    McCain / Palin = Tigh / Roslin

    McCain / Palin = Tigh / Roslin

    McCain / Palin = Tigh / Roslin

    For those of you that didn’t follow it, Battlestar Gallactica was an excellent television program. From what I understand there is still one official episode for the series yet to be aired, but the current “end” of the series was something of a downer. A poster on Fark nailed down the plot precisely, which when compared to picture above, caused a bit of the ole’ lol.

    Drunk Astronaut Quote 2008-09-02 09:46:40 AM
    mythicknight: /by the lords of kobol

    So McCain’s a drunken Cyclon and former terrorist who killed his first wife, and Palin’s a religious whack-job on hallucinogens and is dying of cancer? Keep in mind that Roslin led her people to a dead planet that is a smoking ash from nuclear war too…

    And that’s pretty much how the show ended. And is a bit more evidence for the argument that this election is becoming a joke of epic proportions. The fact that I’m watching Joe Lieberman at the RNC just adds to the hilarity.
    UPDATE: bOING bOING has more on this.  It looks like the conspiracy extends further that I first realized.
    But not only that, they even have a campaign website.   The similarities are eerie.

    Tigh doesn’t know how many homes he owns?
    Fleet shocked that people own homes.

    The opposition has jumped at the opportunity to portray Colonel Tigh as elitist as he stumbled in a recent interview to answer the question on how many homes does he own. The question came out of nowhere, specifically since no one actually owns a home in the Fleet and most people sleep crammed in ship hangers or multiple people to a room. Still the Colonel could not answer the question.


    Laura Roslin Responds to “Beauty Queen” Comments

    Twenty years ago, candidate Laura Roslin won Miss Congeniality and Most Likely to Airlock a Cylon while a contestant in the Miss Caprica City Pageant. Ms. Roslin’s critics look to her days as a pageant participant negatively, citing it as just another reason why she is unqualified to serve as Colonel Tigh’s running mate.

    Great stuff.  Good jorb,