Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?.

This site is awesome.

I’ll have a longer story about what this is about in a bit, but this is hilarious.

As noted, make sure to read the source code as well.

That’s some powerful javascript.

UPDATE: Holy crap. I don’t now how I missed this.

Below is my absolutely favorite theoretical physics-based rap song ever!!  And they even kick in some MC Hawking.

[hmmm, looks like embedding is disabled, here’s the link]

If you want to know what the LHC at CERN is hoping to find, watch the rap. It actually does a pretty damn good job of explaining the basic problem with the “standard model” in physics. That being our “theory of gravity” doesn’t quite work mathematically with our theory of “every other force in the galaxy.”

Read on for my prediction of the experiement’s results… Continue reading

Taking Pictures of Energy

Attosecond Physics & High-Order Harmonic Generation

In Lund, we are performing basic research in a very exciting field at the border between atomic and molecular physics and advanced optics, nonlinear optics and laser physics: high-order harmonic generation in gaseous media exposed to intense laser fields and its applications. The harmonic spectrum exhibits an extended “plateau” where consecutive (odd) harmonics have approximately the same intensity. If the harmonics are emitted in phase, i.e. phase-locked, the temporal structure of the radiation emitted from the medium consists of a “train” of attosecond pulses separated by half the laser period

Follow-up to this post.

 I can’t wait till you all figure out that time is an illusion.  That’s when things get interesting.  I love to read how you people can figure out this stuff, but still haven’t figured out that every robot breaks down and is going to need repair and that it is much more efficient to pool resources to deal wtih such an obvious eventuality….but that’s neither attosecond or quantum physics and has no place in this post.