Just so you know…(twitter ponderings and book update)

Hi, Wah (RobotPiratNinja).

DrewCurtis (DrewCurtis) is now following your updates on Twitter.

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And that’s not news, it’s Fark. And my twitter feed, which is pretty much all the real (international and shit) news that happens (as far as I can tell) is now being followed by an internetebrity who runs *the* news site of the cynical, sarcastic, geniuses who pwn the intertoobs.   I just think it’s funny, since I once got banned for trolling the guy on facebook.

Regardless, the twtter feed is my mobile “blog” and what I use the twitter for (and why my iPhone is always low on batteries).

A lot of people, myself included, don’t really know what twitter actually does, other than let people do stuff easily, which is why it’s gaining popularity.  I actually use an extra service called “twittermail” that routes emails and does the link thing automagically to make it work for me.   And I guess it does, who knows.  I have no idea what my twitter meta-data is doing, which is another reason I guess it’s cool.  Still not sure, but I hope to find out soon.  It’s got that special internets something though, which is to say, it’s retarded easy to use.

And simultaneously losing that quality by becoming mainstream, as I am also being “followed” now by “I sell Mortgages!!” and a couple other b.s. “people” who get all nooberific when they find five more people to tell about the marketing scheme.

When I start being followed by “Chat Me Up, I’m Hot for You” that’s when you’ll know twitter has made the mainstream totally and you can expect Grandma to get on it and follow all the high school gossip.

Anyway, general updates…politics posts are probably mostly going to be done on some type of “Examiner” site.   They, like, pay you and stuff, so we’ll see how that goes.  I haven’t been doing much here because of, you know…real life and things.   But I should be back in the habit, so to speak, and back on my soapbox soon.

I’m going to use *this* site to do some writing, of the fictional kind. I started a story a day or two ago that I’m going to play with and see how it goes. Strange as it may seem, I much prefer to write fiction, and makes up stories, rather than overly indulge in the day to day feelings and actions of real people, whom I read about getting kidnapped, shot by pirates, killed by man-bird-pig flu, lying, lying and lying, getting swallowed by the sea, and generally coming to many unhappy endings. Which is to say, I’m getting kinda sick of writing directly about the news of the world and want to make some shit up.   So we’ll do it, serial style, and I’ll just spin you a quick yarn, on the Web, no less.

I’m also about halfway through with the second draft of the book you can read a bit from around here somewhere (check the top of the page). Chapter 6 : Morality and the Model is mostly complete, and then there’s only five more to go and the appendi (and the DSA). I’m thinking another month or so to get through that, then we’ll get the Lulu thing going the price will drop significantly (as will the copyright deal I’ve currently got going), and I’ll hold a real, physical *book I wrote* in my real hands (which is funny since the “real” book is the digital version, but…there ya go…). Looking forward to that day…perhaps it will come next month.

Umm, other news will probably go on Facebook (unless wordpress can get their act together and get a button on every page, like Facebook has), where most of my arguments and discussions now occur.

The web has grown up, I think, and the time for me and my fictional internet incarnations has come to an end.   Or at least fictional internet incarnations talking about real world news.   I’m going to use my real face for that.

That’s why I want to use Robot Pirate Ninja as a site to talk about…well…the Robot Pirate Ninja…who is a fictional character I’ve created and want to write a story (or 10) about.

Which I just mentioned I started earlier….anyway….it’s also, like, the next post.

To sum up: News on twitter, arguments on facebook, storytime here, politics on the examiner (update coming on that) and real, actual book in a month (after what will be some grueling and hysterical editing as I drop some stories I really shouldn’t be telling from the second draft).

And that’s that, yo.

Hello World

Hello World

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Do I look like a writer yet? Maybe a philosopher? Like, a *real* one?

Y’all remember that time that i bartered the *idea* of my book for a great afternoon of beer and discussion? And a *really* shitty football game?

I remember it, like it was yesterday. All of it. Sometimes it just takes a little hint, or 50,000 of ’em.

I’m selling copies of my book for $100 each/and you get to pick the title. Taking pre-orders now.

Delivery should be by the end of the month (of January). Let me know if you have any questions, I came up with a good way of answering them.

Oh, and just to whet your appetite, part of the book is a proof that P=NP (and the obvious corrallary P != NP) and another part of the book is a “graphic novel”.

Oh, and there’s some sex and violence and romance in there as well.

I’m hoping it has rather wide appeal.

Thanks for listening.

UPDATE: I’m giving away the first three chapters for free.  Look up if you can’t find them.  Errr, scroll up.  There is also pre-order information around here somewhere.

The World This Week By Wah : September 14, 2008 : Part 1 of 2

Here is the first part of my new weekly feature.  I had to split it into two parts because of youtube limits (still working of finding a better place that works well.  Enjoy.  I should have the second half availabe in the mornig.

Doing the video stuff is easy.  Doing the editing is taking a while, but I am getting better at it.  You’ll probably want to view these in full screen to read the text.