Educating Rick Warren On What Jesus Said (and how He Acted)

I can’t believe I have to do this.  I was reading an interview that Rick Warren (of the Purpose Driven Life) gave and was struck by something he wrote.  So I kept reading the interview and was struck by a few other silly things he said.

Look, I’ve got nothing against Rick Warren personally.  From what I’ve seen he seems like a nice guy who does some good work.  My problem is with the lack of…shall we say…accountability of his theology.  And the lack of reason and logic in his worldview.   In his mind, what you do in life doesn’t matter, as long as you declare your love for God, it’s all good.

This leads to some really, really, nasty things when applied to real life, which is far more complex that it seems Mr. Warren is capable of conceiving.

Read on for that argument…

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A Southpark Metaphor For McCain’s Speech

I was just having a smoke pondering Senator McCain’s speech at the RNC Convention 2008, and I was struck by a pretty strong metaphor.

Now, go with me a minute here. This is really only going to make the slightest bit of sense to people who have seen ‘Southpark: The Move’. Preferably more than once.

Other’s might get distracted by the metaphor.

In the movie Satan (in this case a metaphor for the U.S. electorate) is in bed with Saddam Hussein (in the case a metaphor for the Republican party). Now Satan (the U.S.) is sick of Saddam’s (Republican’s) crap. Saddam consistently treats Satan like a sex object, refuses to cuddle, and the U.S. is sick of it.

So Satan is ready to dump the Republicans and makes that hope clear.

And then Saddam starts singing…

But I can change, I can change!!!
I can learn to keep my promises, I swear it!
I’ll open up my heart and I will share it!
Any minute now I will be born again!
Yes I can change, I can change!!!
I know I’ve been a dirty little bastard
La la la la la lalala!

I like to kill, I like to maim, yes, I’m insane, but IT’S OK
Its not my fault that Im so evil
Its society, society.

So that’s pretty much what I heard. It’s not our fault. It’s the media. And those corrupt Republicans in Washington.

The people that caused the problems are going to change…themselves…and all the problems are solved.

It’s a joke, don’t you get it?