A Second Theory as to Why John McCain Tapped Sarah Palin

Let’s see if we call figure this one out. I started looking for footage of this after seeing this comment….

Ken (14:29:09) :

Trophy Veep! That’s what he’s thinking.

Check out McCain during Palin’s speech in Dayton. He spends an awful lot of time checking out her ass. It gets worse the longer she speaks.

It was attached to this story, which is the top WordPress story on Palin.

it includes some background information as well as a good synopsis of her abuse of the that “executive experience” all the drones bandied on about today.

But back to the real story here.

Watch for yourselves. The evidence is right there on the tube. All clad sexily in black.

Now, after you stop laughing you might want to dismiss this as nothing. Maybe say he was looking at her notes or something. There are three reasons why this is not the case and it’s pretty obvious he is checking out her ass.

Watching the full video exposes these.

She comes into the scene about 10 minutes in.

Reason number 1 he’s not looking at her notes: he’s standing too far behind her to see them. This is evident from the full lenght video.

Reason number 2 he’s not looking at her notes: he’s fiddling with his wedding ring while doing it. This is called body language. Playing with your ring while staring at an ass screams, “I would like to put my penis in that.” Sorry, but that’s how it works.

Reason number 3 he’s not looking at her notes: it’s John Mccain. He’s got an eye for these sorts of things.

Seriously though, watch the full video. Not only do you get to see the full video, but him checking her out becomes pretty obvious when you know what to look for. I missed it the first time I watched, as I was transfixed by her beauty and in total shock at the nomination. On a second viewing…it’s pretty dang funny.