Jesse Jackson goes Deeper Into His Hole

Fox: Jackson used N-word in crude off-air remarks – Yahoo News

CHICAGO – The Rev. Jesse Jackson used the N-word during a break in a TV interview where he criticized presidential candidate Barack Obama, Fox News confirmed Wednesday.

The longtime civil rights leader already came under fire this month for crude off-air comments he made against Obama in what he thought was a private conversation during a taping of a “Fox & Friends” news show.

In additional comments from that same conversation, first reported by TVNewser, Jackson is reported to have said Obama was “talking down to black people,” and referred to blacks with the N-word when he said Obama was telling them “how to behave.”

Another reason to like Obama, Jesse Jackson hates him.  I really don’t understand the talking down to people thing. On the one hand, talking to some people “at their level” is an exercise of idiocy.  On the other hand, what the hell has Jackson done in the past 30 years that has been remarkable?

Isn’t this guy supposed to be a reverend? And if he is a ‘civil rights leader’ where are the marches against torture and domestic spying?  Where’s the real outrage instead of the limelight stealing kind?

Perhaps something good will come of this and Jackson will get moved off the list of the first person they call when someone drops an n-bomb…mainly because this time its Jackson doing so.

/note: This is also a bullshit “media” story and anyone who spends more than four minutes on it is wasting your time.

Drinking In High School (US vs Russia)

Here’s the news story…

Angel Cincinnati said her daughter chugged vodka out of two water bottles in an unsupervised Capital High School homeroom last Wednesday.

“She hadn’t had any breakfast,” Cincinnati said. “A boy challenged her to a chugging contest.” 

In her third-period class, the daughter tripped over a trash can and laughed about it on the floor, which tipped a teacher off that something was wrong. Later, paramedics arrived to take care of the 15-year-old.   

Cincinnati said she was told that her daughter and classmates were supposed to go to a supervised classroom, but some did not. A voice over the intercom system alerted students to go to another classroom because their usual homeroom teacher was absent, Cincinnati said.

“But nobody ever followed up to make sure they made it there,” she said. “Their being unsupervised allowed this to happen from the very beginning.”  

[full story]

And here’s the communist version.   Looks like we aren’t all that different after all.

Silly People, Political Ads are for Nuts

The Swamp: Clinton’s offended Pa. voter – not

Barack Obama can take some solace out of Hillary Clinton’s new television ad in Pennsylvania. At least one of her supporters featured in the spot hammering Obama for his small town comments isn’t registered to vote in Pennsylvania.

Clyde Thomas, who sports a goatee in the ad and says, “the good people of Pennsylvania deserve a lot better than what Barack Obama said,” is actually registered in New Jersey. He voted there for Clinton Feb. 5. He only recently moved to Bethlehem, Pa.

Frankly, I think the whole “bitter” thing is an idiotic story.  The fact that Clinton, who has over $100,000,000 since leaving the Whitehouse is calling someone who earned their stripes doing community organizing “elitist” is so far out of crazy town it could only be considered rational during a Presidential political campaign.

Zbig on the Way Out of Iraq

The Smart Way Out of a Foolish War –

The case for U.S. disengagement from combat is compelling in its own right. But it must be matched by a comprehensive political and diplomatic effort to mitigate the destabilizing regional consequences of a war that the outgoing Bush administration started deliberately, justified demagogically and waged badly. (I write, of course, as a Democrat; while I prefer Sen. Barack Obama, I speak here for myself.)

The contrast between the Democratic argument for ending the war and the Republican argument for continuing is sharp and dramatic. The case for terminating the war is based on its prohibitive and tangible costs, while the case for “staying the course” draws heavily on shadowy fears of the unknown and relies on worst-case scenarios. President Bush‘s and Sen. John McCain’s forecasts of regional catastrophe are quite reminiscent of the predictions of “falling dominoes” that were used to justify continued U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Neither has provided any real evidence that ending the war would mean disaster, but their fear-mongering makes prolonging it easier.

There’s some dang good reasoning in the article.  Almost robot like in his precision.  This is how it should be done.

Is This Like Scryentology?

Davenetics* : Frontline: Bush’s War

Frontline is always good. But they have outdone themselves with a remarkably detailed documentary on the incredibly disturbing lead up to, and execution of, what they call Bush’s War.

It really was a perfect storm of bad judgment, malicious intent, a power structure out of balance, a weak Natl Sec Adviser, a marginalized secretary of state, an all-powerful veep, a lazy Congress, and outplayed British PM, a foolishly managed French foreign policy, an ignored military leadership, an Oedipal complex hall of fame President, and a media that focused on Rumsfeld’s funny press conference delivery instead of highlighting the fact that he was wrong, horribly wrong, on just about any point that mattered.

Watch the documentary here.

Even today, the least focused on part of the story is that Osama bin Laden may very well end up dying of old age.

Catch up to the last 5 years in 2 hours.