Michael Phelps Touching the Wall (and goes Super-Saiyan)

This is how you finish

This is how you finish

I found this animated .gif floating around the net. Very nice shot of Michael Phelps winning the gold medal in historic fashion.  What an amazing finish.  I was watching this down at Frankie’s in Uptown and the whole place went silent for the swim and then crazy for the win.

Props to Phelps for his performance, I hope he can finish the deed this evening and make the history he’s been shooting for.   Way to Power Up!!

This is how you power up.

This is how you power up.

Speaking of shooting, the Redeem Team waxed the Spanish this morning to assert their (and our) complete dominance of the sport of basketball.  Keep on flying guys, you are a blast to watch.

UPDATE: They won the 400 IM (for the 11th straight time).  Congrats to Phelps on 8 golden medallions.

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Christiane via Brazil Amazing in HD 2 Goals in 1 Minute (3 in half)

Just a couple quick comments on the Olympics. I’ve been watching pretty much non-stop since the absolutely amazing opening ceremonies.  Today I’ve gone to the old stand-by, the 24-hour soccer channel.   The only other thing going right now is boxing, and the U.S.’s best hope for a medal just lost because he didn’t know he was behind in the bizarre Olympic boxing score-system.   Really, he got knocked down earlier in the bout and got a point.

Regardless, I was just watching the Brazil and Niger, women’s soccer match.  Niger was up 1-nil when Christiane first had a header and then a bicycle kick for goals back to back in under a minute.

I also want to throw out some props to the U.S. Men’s Gymnastic (Bronze, from nowhere) and Swimming teams (Gold, from behind).  Good work fellas.  Now you can stop shaving yourselves everywhere.  Hat’s off to the Chinese and French gymnastic and swimming teams, respectively, as well.

I’ve probably seen about 20 or 30 sports so far, and have to commend GE for their coverage.  They are making a windfall off this thing, and the 24-hour HD programming is much appreciated.  I’ll try and throw up posts when something else cool happens on my TV, but the play of Christiane amazed me, so I thought I’d catch you up to what my TV is playing and what the world is watching.

UPDATE: OMG!! Hat trick!!

Sport Techs Gone Wild

Speedo’s suit divides swimming world | U.S. | Reuters

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A revolutionary bodysuit has divided the world of swimming into the haves and the have nots just weeks before the Beijing Olympics, testing relationships between federations, athletes and rival suppliers.

Australian and U.S. swimmers and others wearing the Speedo LZR Racer suit have set 38 world records since its introduction in February. Australian Libby Lenton said it made her feel she was swimming downhill.

As the buzz has grown — an LZR is even on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in an exhibit on superheroes — swimmers using other equipment are weighing the merits of breaking existing contracts and switching to Speedo.

Nice bit of reading here on the wonders of modern technology and their interaction with the world of sport.  Looks like there are now things one can both put into and onto the body to gain that final edge in competition.

Plus, the fact that this suit makes the swimmers look more like ninjas is just icing on the cake.