PDS: Palin Derangement Syndrome

PDS: Palin Derangement Synmdrome = Holding the mistaken belief that Sarah Palin is in any way qualified to be President of the United States.

I’ve been reading and watching a whole bunch of Vice-Presidential “debate” reactions and I think I’ve located a fairly new psychological disorder (golly, it has only been happening for like 6 weeks now).   For some reason it only takes hold in the most partisan and hackish pundits.  Indeed, we have now a very simple test to see if a pundit is rational or “in the tank” (or tanked).

Simply ask them if they think Governor Palin is qualified to be President.  If they say yes, then they have PDS and should be ignored in all political matters until after the election.  If they say no, then they retain at least a slight bit of political acumen.  Note this has nothing to do with party affiliation, just a question with a simple and obvious answer to an objective oberver.

For those under the miskaken impression that “winkin'” and “lookin’ adorable” are qualifications for the Presdiency, please realize this is one of the first signs of PDS and now would be a good time to stop talkin’ all political under you read up and have some idea about what the heck is goin on.

Winkie!! For President 08-16!!

Winkie!! For President 08-16!!

 And if you *really* think Palin has the “executive experience” she needs to run the country….realize that for the *vast* majority of her political career, her office had a drive-through window.

No shit.

This was where you buy the rape kits.
This was where you buy the rape kits.

Yes, that is a drive-through right over there.  Yes, this is the “experience” that sufferers of PDS believe is sufficient to run a country in the midst of an economic crisis, two shooting wars, and three soft ones.

Oh, and our last “folksy” President has run the country into the ground/off a cliff/into a wall…pick your metaphor, they all work.   This is perhaps the single most damning aspect of PDS.  These same pundits just saw what happened when you give a young governor with little intellectual curiousity and a great deal of personal charm and no foreign policy experience the reigns of power.  Perhaps they think Bush has been a success.  Yes, that would explain it.

And would, of course, even further disqualify them from being seen as having a rational viewpoint.

An Irregular Heartbeat Away

Sorry, but I keep hearing the old cliche about CinC ticker’s, and I can’t help but amend it to make it topical for McCain and then look at his VP pick and kind of shrug.

I mean….really? That’s who you think is going to find bin laden/stand up to russia/china/europe and repair the country? I would think a responsible leader, who is of advanced age, would try and pick the best person to replace him, not someone who, at first glance, seems handpicks for campaign purposes. I’m still trying to make sense of this. I haven’t seen her speak yet, but jeez, the quotes I’m reading ain’t inspiring confidence.

Palin holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Idaho where she also minored in politics.


I’m officially qualified to be President now. Well, in a couple years. She is old enough to be President.   That’s something.


More coverage here.


Wow….they are going directly after Hillary’s voters.  Wow…”We can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.”   Going *directly* after Hilary’s voters. 

Now you know why’s she’s there.  18,000,000 Democratic Primary voters.

Hmmm….how does that work?

Obama Taps Biden for Vice-Presidentail Spot

Here’s the vids…

Obama giving the nod…

And Biden happily accepting it…

Overall I am pretty happy with the choice.  I’ve like Biden for a while now.  He was decent candidate for President, but his penchant for making somewhat off-color comments/jokes played havoc with any kind of momentum he was trying to build.  I think he’s an excellent foil for McCain and Biden’s long-term knowledge of and friendship with McCain will make for some fun political posturing.

More on this later, it’s a nice day and time to head to the pool.