After 18 Months, Iowa Investigation Finds A Voter Fraud Rate Of .00075 Percent

The Des Moines Register reported Monday that the investigation, which has cost the state about $150,000 so far, has unearthed a total of 16 cases for criminal prosecution.

Five of these cases have been dismissed, while five others have resulted in guilty pleas. Three guilty pleas were submitted by felons who thought their voting rights had been automatically restored upon getting out of prison, as they would have been before a 2011 executive order by Gov. Terry Branstad (R).

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And that’s about how much time we should be spending on “Voter ID” laws.

Massive, willful, voter fraud just doesn’t happen in this country in the modern era.

Top Pennsylvania Republican Admits Voter ID Helped Suppress Obama Voters

The constitutionality of law is now being challenged before the state Supreme Court, where statistician Bernard Siskin testified on Monday that the measure would disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of registered voters, disproportionately affecting “Democrats and members of minority groups.” “By his calculations, Democrats are three times as likely as Republicans and minorities are about twice as likely as whites to lack a valid ID,” the Huffington Post’s Saki Knafo reported.

In December, Republican strategist Scott Tranter acknowledged that “a lot of us are campaign professionals and we want to do everything we can to help our sides. Sometimes we think that’s voter ID, sometimes we think that’s longer lines, whatever it may be.” The Romney campaign’s Wisconsin co-chair, state Sen. Alberta Darling (R), also suggested that the Massachusetts governor would have won Wisconsin but for the fact that the state’s voter ID law was declared unconstitutional by a state court.


Although the laws’ supporters claim that they are necessary to combat in-person voter fraud, a voter is more likely to be struck by lightning than to commit fraud. One study found that 0.0002 percent of votes are the product of such fraud.

via Top Pennsylvania Republican Admits Voter ID Helped Suppress Obama Voters | ThinkProgress.

There’s no question what and who motivates these laws.  It’s laughable to think there’s anything going on here other than politics-by-other-means.

No need to convince people you are right when you can deny them a vote on the topic.

Having to file a lawsuit to get a Voter ID? Republican “small government” in action

News –

The day after a judge upheld Pennsylvania’s new voter identification law, the lead plaintiff in the suit seeking to block the law went to a PennDot office and was issued the photo ID card she needs to vote.

Nothing has changed since Viviette Applewhite, 93, testified in July. The law stands. She still doesn’t have a driver’s license or Social Security card. The name on her birth certificate is still different from the name on her other documents – all of which, under the law, should have barred her from getting her photo ID.

But at precisely 1:16 p.m. Thursday, she got it anyway.

“You just have to keep trying,” said Applewhite, who uses an electric wheelchair. “Don’t give up.”

Funny thing…I had a fake ID growing up…but I’ve never had a fake voter registration card.

Voter ID law may affect up to 10% of Pennsylvanian Voters

More than 758,000 registered voters in Pennsylvania do not have photo identification cards from the state Transportation Department, putting their voting rights at risk in the November election, according to data released Tuesday by state election officials.

The figures – representing 9.2 percent of the states 8.2 million voters – are significantly higher than prior estimates by the Corbett administration. Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele has repeatedly said that 99 percent of Pennsylvanias voters already had the photo ID they will need at the polls in November.

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If anyone has a question as to why Republicans are pushing for this, you need look no further.

House Republican leader Mike Turzai acknowledged the law’s political implications at a Republican State Committee meeting last month.

“Voter ID – which is going to allow Gov. Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania – done,” Turzai told the crowd, which burst into applause, as he listed legislative accomplishments under GOP control.

You get a further understanding of who this is targeting with this example…

[DoS Spokesman Ron Ruman] said the methodology used by PennDot and the Department of State – a match of first names, last names and birth dates – may also have missed some voters who have PennDot ID.

For example, if someone named Anna Nicole Jones registered to vote as Anna Jones but got her driver’s license as Nicole Jones, she would be listed as a non-match, Ruman said.

Philadelphia’s top election official, City Commission Chair Stephanie Singer, said the figures reinforced her view that the state’s new law was designed to suppress voter turnout in the predominantly Democratic city.

The thing is…if Ms. Jones gets married, and becomes Mrs. Smith, but shows up to vote with an ID that says Ms. Jones….Mrs. Smith gets no saw in who goes to Washington.

Given that, in general especially in Pennsylvania, Mrs. Smith is likely to vote for the party that isn’t making war on Mrs. Smiths nationwide…now you see the logic behind the Speakers statement about this law giving the state to Romney.

I mean…it’s not like the leading media pundit/conservative philosopher Rush Limbaugh would joke about this very tactic….

Recently on his radio show, Limbaugh took a call from a man who wanted to blame Obama’s 2008 election on uninformed youth. Limbaugh interrupted him and said……drumroll…..

“Ehhh, I can do one better than that. When WOMEN got the right to vote is when it all went downhill. Because that’s when votes started being cast with emotion and uh, maternal instincts that government ought to reflect …….”

All of a sudden, Rush stops talking mid-sentence as if he’s realized what a horrible mistake he’s just made. His caller took advantage of the silence and continued talking about how young people are the ones ruining elections. Limbaugh interrupts his caller, who he was clearly not listening to, as he tries to figure out how to extract his foot from his BIG MOUTH and said:

 “Yeah…I…Look, I’m joking about the women’s vote. I just got a little frustrated here…”

[full story, with audio]

The similar Republican initiative in Texas was already blocked by the courts. (the racial motivation for this is quite clear when looking at the numbers, both of the gen pop and voting tendencies)

As it becomes more and more obvious that the Republicans represent a very small (and shrinking) slice of the actual American electorate, efforts must be made to keep that very same electorate smaller in proportion.

It is only by lowering the number of actual people eligible to vote (and doing as much as possible to breed cynicism about government in general, shrinking to active voting population smaller) that this small slice of the population hopes to cling to power.

So now you the who, the how, and the why of the latest push for Voter ID laws.  Vote accordingly…while you still can.

Totally not corrupt Florida Governor moves to purge voter rolls of illegal aliens, veterans, and Democrats

Report: Florida purges war-hero voter – Tim Mak –

A 91-year-old who received a Bronze Star for fighting in the Battle of the Bulge was reportedly told he may not be an American citizen, in an apparent mix-up due to Florida’s attempts to purge noncitizens from its voter rolls. Bill Internicola received a letter this month stating that he had to prove he was a citizen or lose his right to vote, reports the Miami Herald.

For those that don’t recall/blocked it out, Florida also purged many legal voters both before and after the 2000 election, leading to the first ‘CEO’ President (who left the position in disgrace and the country near collapse). In 2012 we’ve seen the largest number of voting restriction laws passed since Reconstruction, as the GOP realizes the only way they can win on a “We are the 1%” platform is by eliminating millions of voters right to say “No, I’d rather be governed by someone who puts people ahead of profit.”