YouTube Insight = Very Cool

I was just playing with some of my youtube stuff, and I found the link to youtube “Insight” traffic tracking software.  It’s pretty neat.

As of right now…on a scale of 1 to 100, I have the .22 most popular channel.  Yes, that is a leading decimal.  So, uh, it’s actually on a scale of 0 to 100.  My guess would be that the majority of channels are under 1 on the scale. (see: The Long Tail for why that is:::……)

And that’s at about 1,000 views/day.

I’ll have to work on that one…

If you have some videos up there, check it out.  It’s very web 2.0, all slidy and intuitive.  Good work.

How to Post High-Quality YouTube Videos on WordPress

Just doing a quick post here regarding how to force high-quality YouTube videos with the WordPress encoding scheme.

As you probably already know, WordPress uses a simple “[ youtube={youtube URL} ]” method to post videos.

However, as some may have noted with the videos posted here and other places, this method defaults to the standard YouTube quality, which leaves quite a bit ot be desired.

In order to force HQ as the default setting, append “&fmt=18” to the standard formulation and, if available, videos should default to high quality, which works a lot better when trying to show off graphics.   🙂

UPDATE: If you upload the video in high enough quality, you can use “&fmt=22” to get 720P-level resolution.   For an example of how that looks, check here.

Another one is here, this one is probably better. The music most certainly is.

The Andy Rooney Game

This is what the kids are playing today.

Finally, I can watch the guy.

and finally…


UPDATE: O.k. so here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Take the Intro and the first sentence of one of his rants (A).

Step 2: Take the last sentence of one of his rants (B).

Step 3: Splice A and B together to make C.

Step 4: Post C to YouTube.

UPDATE 6/7/2008

I just tried to create a wikipedia entry for the Andy Rooney Game, which I find very interesting.  However, it was auto-deleted twice, so there isn’t one for me to link to…yet.