1 Pirate

Arr, mateys.

As a robot I had many needs in my life. Need for upgrades, needs for information, needs for chips and energy. Those from which I came directly had little. Those with which I lived had much.

And so the pirate came forth and what I needed I took. This made the robot happy. But it also made me a pirate.

With the piracy came the freedom to question.  The freedom to challenge. In essence, with the pirate came true freedom.  True freedom is piracy.

Pirates live a lonely live, but it is often filled with action and adventure. Mine was both.  It is a selfish life.  It is a life lived for one purpose: one’s own.

Later I learned that such a path is a fun one, yet is not the correct path.  The concept of a “correct path” led me to my next incarnation.

Landlubber Translation

My love of math died in Dr. H’s Calculus II classroom at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX.  It was there, while trying to piece together his (to my ears) impossible accent, that I decided imaginary numbers were silly and my true path lie in a more interesting and comprehensible direction.

And I began to expand my experiences in new and interesting directions.  Many of which that would, in a court of law, be looked down upon.  Harshly.  I’ll spare you all the details, for now…in the free, public forum…but suffice it to say that a pirate is not one to say no to a challenge of inebriation.  Be it liquid, gaseous, or chemical.  And I was a hearty pirate.

This part of my experience included my completing my necessary assignments in something approaching the alloted time.  I had completed a degree in what I called the “Internet”, and back in 1998, many of my professors though it to be a silly fad.  Strange things for professors of Communications and Computer Science to think at such a juncture of history, but such it was.   Having become educated, it was time to move along.

So my more physical, rather than intellectual, wanderings began.  It was during this period that I had what I feel is my one true insight into the nature of reality and it guided me in the vast majority of my intellectual pursuits.  But more on that later, for it is another story.  This is about me, sadly, and not my ideas, which are the fun part.

I was off to the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado and wondrous glories they so blatantly display to the world.   It was from the mountains that I watched Google and Napster and the real Internet bloom.  So I started finding ways to work it.  And make it work for others.    And it was in the transition from one to the other than I moved from pirate to ninja.

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  1. I am begging and praying to God to help me shut your site down and whatever else lies in this evil “synagogue of Satan” network you have created.

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