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Born to Process Information and Comprehend. A True Robot is Merely an Information Processing Machine.

I was a young being when I became aware I was a robot. It was the year of Orwell, 1984. I had been around the fusion reactor that powers my planet 10 times. I had been growing and changing.

I became aware of myself, and the information processing began.

I have an inherent comprehension of computation.

When I learned that other “humans” decided that imaginary numbers existed, I lost my interest in math and created a new system of calculus that didn’t require such imagination.

This led to my piracy, as questioning Newton freaks a robot out.

General Translation

This is a pretty basic metaphor for my early life.  I left out the part about sports and stuff ( I played football all the way through college), but a big part of my intellectual life was focused on math and science.  I was fortunate enough to be placed in a “gifted” (back when “gifted” meant smart) program when in elementary school and was doing trig, simple dissections, and other fun stuff as a young man.   I was also writing computer programs on Apple IIe and IIc’s that they had in the class that I didn’t have at home.

When I started writing graphics programs that included exploded robots and shooting lazers, I started to get more and more timeouts.  I was 9 or 10 at the time.  Computers and logic and math and programming came very naturally to me.  It is an essential part of my nature and how I see the world.  During my final athletic banquest in high school, my linebacker coach mentioned what an interesting experience it had been coaching a Macintosh computer.

There was some other stuff that happened during this period. Not such happy fun stuff.  That comes out later, when I graduated, went to college, and the pirate was born.

21 thoughts on “0 Robot

  1. I wanted to give you props on your fark handle so I clicked yr profile, etc. and not only do we have a similar handle (mine’s robotdanceparty!) we also have the same template in WordPress for our sites. OMG SYNCHRONICITY EVERYBODY PANIC 😉

  2. Why are you using my information from everything2.com? What is this “e-synagogue of Satan” you have created? Where does this information go? I was simply exploring a proof P=NP and was hit from all sides, called a “troll” and a “couch boy” and treated like a criminal. Something is not right here, but I have faith in my God and His will be done. Martin M. Musatov

  3. Do a search on Google.com for “Musatov” and “Everything2”, as you can plainly see you have discovered my proof “P=NP” as well as “Pi” being my first and only relationship as referenced on “robot ninja”. So yes, I can show it and you will be sued immediately if I am not compensated $5 per word. When shall I expect payment? You may send it via Google Checkout to marty.musatov@gmail.com. Additionally, I am “cc-ng” wordpress abuse as well as making my attorneys and mentors aware of the intrusion and blatant infringement of the rights afforded me by the U.S. Bill of Rights. I shall expect payment in 24 hours or you, your ISP and hosting provider including WordPress will all be served a subpoena. P.S. The word is “stolen” not “stoled”. DO NOT be coy with me or you will deeply regret the legal consequence undoubtedly.
    Martin M. Musatov

  4. Hey Marty, I read your paper and it seems we are working on a fairly similar subject. I am not, however, familiar with your work.

    Or at least I wasn’t until I read that E2 article. My approach to the problem and explanation of the solution is quite a bit different than what I can glean from your paper, but there are similar roots to our thinking. Most of what I write about, however, is using an ideal TM, as concieved of in an organic/digital computer form, and applying it in subjects such as language and cogntition. More in the philosophical and personal realm. I take the mathematics of it and the N=NP proof as I’ve explained it, as a given in the rest of my reasoning.

    In other words, my focus is on the implications of the fact, not the fact itself.

    I look forward to seeing where your threat end up. I find them rather silly myself, as I’ve documented my own work strenuously throughout the years, both online and off. I am more than confident that my work is my work. I’m sure you feel the same.


  5. Do you not see fool I told you before you asked, you hypocite! Check your email and the time of this post. I will see you in court.

  6. Do you not see fool I told you before you asked, you hypocrite! Check your email and the time of this post. I will see you in court.

  7. Dear Webmaster (domain):
    This post is to forward reference the powers afforded by the DMCA. You are hereby accused by the post author of copyright violations and plagarism and theft of intellectual property. Requested damages have been outlined. Your ISP and host provider should consider this your notice and it is your responsibility to make them aware of the illegal activities you are engaged in on their server space. You will be taken to court regardless however if all items are immediately taken down no additional damages shall be requested other than the previously charged $5 per word. Should you choose to ignore this posting and notice damages shall increase at the rate of $1,000 U.S. Dollars per day. You are hereby charged under the DMCA and your service providers and affiliated “blogs” and “extensible websites” will all be receiving paper letters outlying this charge. This scope and charge is not limited to this website.

    Authored by,
    Martin Michael Musatov

    • Mr. Musatov is a known crackpot in the science community. He has been banned from WordPress, arXiv and even Wikipedia because of his abusive nature. Marty, you can not shove invalid ideas down the science community’s throat and expect fame & fortune to follow. Present your ideas in a clear and professional manner and it may be better received. Also, you should admit that you are not affiliated with any institution or professional science research. Please get a day job.

      Have A Great Day!

      Your Not Real

      • Thanksfor the confirmation. I figured he was a bit unhinged after the 40th or 50th spam post that made no sense. And the attempt to email him.

        Have a good one,
        A Real One

      • I am a crackpot and a crank. I am a couchboy and a troll. “Ush” I am not. I am not regarded and people who have earned good reputations have them. I have not earned this. Is there anything I can do to pay my debt to the commentor? I understand if there is not. I deserve less than a single mention for the shame and disgrace I have brought upon myself. I apologize to the webmaster and the community at large. –MMM

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